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Successful Video Blogging: One Small Business Owner Shares Her Story

I recently reached out to a few prospective clients I had not heard from in a while. One of them was Carolyn Herfurth, the stunningly beautiful and incredibly smart owner of The Biz Truth in New York City. When she told me that she’d been using video blogging to great success, my ears immediately perked up.

Tell me more!

So, she did. Here is her story about successful video blogging: Why did you decide to start a video blog?

Carolyn Herfurth: It’s something I originally started five years ago for the company I had before I started The Biz Truth.

At the time, one of my first coaches was like, you should just start a video blog – talk about finding your truth, share your knowledge! I did that for two years solid, but I got so burned out, because every week, I’d do a video, and I couldn’t get my brain to understand that it’s silly to do it once a week. It makes more sense to do them all at once and drip them out.

Unless my coach had suggested video blogging, I would have never thought of doing it myself. Why?

CH: Most of the way I promoted myself was through speaking and referrals. Marketing [with video] was something that hadn’t crossed my mind. So, you went for two years straight, and then you stopped?

CH: Yes, it was just too much and too frequent. I was purely teaching and selling sales training at the time, so I felt like all of my videos had to be sales advice. I finally realized I tell people not to use a hodgepodge approach to selling, yet that is exactly what I was doing.

I took a long time off. I don’t know that it was a mistake – a lot of people did watch my videos, but they weren’t engaging the way I wanted them to.

A few months ago, one of my clients and I were talking – she does video marketing – and she decided to start offering a video subscription service. So I signed up. I show up, she films me, she edits and she sends to me. It takes me an hour to record several videos – it’s just SO much easier. What are you doing differently this time around?

CH: Because the videos are shot at once, it forces me to plan a little more. I am constantly adding topics to Evernote, so when it’s the week of the video shoot, I’ll go through all of my topic ideas. I do a little outline and figure out what do I want for a call-to-action, etc. I definitely feel like I have room for improvement, but I do start with three or five points that I want to hit. Then I can refine the message when I get closer to the video shoot.

One thing I think would help me is if I took it a step further, like what’s my email intro going to be when I send it to my list? A lot of times I write the email intro and think, I wish I had included that in the video! I also need to do a better job of thinking through keywords, especially for SEO. What are your topics?

CH: I have five pillars, and I tie the topics to them: business model, thought leadership, marketing strategy, sales strategy, and time mindset and priority optimization. What kind of feedback and results have you gotten so far?

CH: It varies. The first one I posted, people are like, Oh my god! I love this! And they’re sharing it like crazy. The next one had normal open rates.

I don’t know that I can point to a video that someone watched and then wanted to work with me because of it. I look at shares and metrics. I know people are going to my website, and I know that it’s made a difference.

Here’s one other thing I learned. People say that homemade videos get more views than a polished, professional video. But I’m done with that! The woman who does it for me is a video marketer, and she makes the process really fun.

Check out Carolyn’s video on Thought Leadership: 3 Steps To Becoming A Thought Leader.

Do you have your own video blogging success story?