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The Secret to Getting Holiday Shoppers to Your Store

<p>Black Friday may be a month away, but the holiday shopping season has already begun — at least for small retailers hoping to grab their share of the gift-giving profits. With so much competition from big-box retailers and online e-commerce giants, how can your store attract holiday shoppers in droves? Local search optimization, that’s how.</p> <p>Local search optimization helps your retail store get in front of nearby prospects. After all, what's the use of a shopper finding your store online if she lives across the country? If you’re groaning at the idea of adding one more task to your existing SEO efforts, there's a simple solution. <a href="" target="_blank">Lead Stream</a> from <a class="vglnk" rel="nofollow"><span><a class="vglnk" rel="nofollow"><span></span></a></span></a> handles local search for you and helps you attract people who fit your target customer profile.</p> <p>Lead Stream uses optimized paid and organic search to attract the exact types of shoppers you want — not the ones you don't. It creates a lead site with built-in search engine optimization to attract your ideal customers. Because <a class="vglnk" rel="nofollow"><span><a class="vglnk" rel="nofollow"><span></span></a></span></a> is a Google Premier Partner, <a href="" target="_blank">Lead Stream</a> ensures that your business comes up front and center on Google Maps in local shoppers' search results. Finally, it incorporates paid search advertising to grab the attention of shoppers searching online for what you sell or for stores like yours. Lead Stream identifies the <a href="" target="_blank">best keywords</a> for your business and gives your ads exposure by placing them at the top of search results.</p> <p>Of course, not everyone who sees your store listed in online search results will come hurrying in right away. Lead Stream’s <a href="" target="_blank">lead management platform</a> helps you nurture leads to get them in the door. For prospects that sign up to receive your emails, you can use a library of email templates to send announcements of tempting discounts, 2-for-1 pricing or other holiday promotions. For prospects that haven’t signed up for emails, use special offers on your lead site and your social media pages to get customers to come on in.</p> <p>The holidays are busy for everyone, but especially for small retailers. Fortunately, Lead Stream saves you precious time with an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you track your leads, measure the results of your online ads and keep tabs on ad spending. You'll always know when a lead has called or emailed you so you can respond quickly.</p> <p>Not only does Lead Stream track every click and call you get, but it also uses the information to adjust and refine your lead generation campaign for even better results going forward. That means the surge in sales you enjoy during the holidays can keep going long after the ornaments are put away.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>