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The Content Round-Up: Great Small Business Advice From 2020

account_circle Team
Small Business Shopping

A new year is an invitation to change. It's a chance to grow, to improve and to build on your successes so far.

For many small business owners, 2020 will be a year to forget. At, we kept track of the shifting trends and crafted content focused on helping you succeed in spite of the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. We wrote blog articles and case studies, assembled eBooks, put together infographics and leveraged the knowledge of our trusted partners, all with the simple goal of providing you with the small business advice you need to succeed online. 

For some of you, online marketing is old hat. For others, it's a new and mysterious world. Wherever you're at in your online journey, we have something great for you to read.

So, without further ado, from the editorial team to your screen, here is an assortment of some of our most insightful content from 2020. Beyond what's listed here, we have scores of helpful articles, eBooks, whitepapers and other materials to help you achieve success online. Happy reading. And from all of us at, best of luck as you step forward into a promising new year.

Revitalize and Thrive: Small Business Tips for Challenging Times

Format: eBook

Owning your own business is never easy. New challenges have come fast and frequently throughout the year, which is why we put together this eBook offering tips for revitalizing your business.

Easy Ways to Protect Your Small Business Online

Format: Article

Cybersecurity sounds complicated, but it doesn't have to be. This article explains how to protect your small business from online threats without disrupting your busy schedule.

How Do SSL Certificates Work and How Do They Provide Security?

Format: Article

From Our Partners at Sectigo

Ever wonder how SSL certificates work to protect your website? Let our knowledgeable partners at Sectico explain.

Top of the Class: Use Website Grader to Get an “A” Online

Format: Article

Evaluating your online presence can be overwhelming. Explore how our Website Grader simplifies the process and gives you the insight you need to enhance and refine your website.

Website Copywriting and How it Affects Your Website Performance

Format: Article

Copywriting is an important part of your overall website. This article details why it matters so much and how to ensure it's up to par, with insights from one of our in-house experts.

Eight Features to Look for When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Format: Article

Choosing the right web hosting provider will play a big role in determining how well your site functions on a daily basis. Dive into this article to see the main features you should be looking out for when making your decision.

Holiday Online Shopping

How Those Who Served Can Start a Veteran-Owned Small Business

Format: Article

Our military veterans put their lives on the line for the freedoms we enjoy every day, and they more than deserve the chance to find business success here at home. This article provides small business advice for veterans, to help them smooth the process of starting their own companies.

How a Tree Service Company is Growing its Customer Base With Online Marketing

Format: Case Study

When Del Doddy — a military veteran and the owner of Perfect Cut Tree Service — needed online assistance he turned to the experienced team at This is his story.

How to Make an Online Portfolio That Stands Out

Format: Article

An online portfolio is one of the best ways to present your work in a digital setting. Learn how to create a truly distinct portfolio in a crowded online space.

Ways to Get Paid: Online and Mobile Payment Strategies for Small Business

Format: Whitepaper

Accepting payments online and on mobile is essential for any small business owner. This whitepaper goes in-depth to explore all the ways you can — and should — accept payments.

Expect More Insightful Small Business Advice in 2021

The helpful content listed above is only a sliver of what you'll find on the blog, and we're not finished putting together useful resources for small business owners. Throughout 2021, be sure to check back on the blog to find more great eBooks, case studies, articles and multimedia content, as we continue researching and writing about the trends and tips that make your life easier.

And as always, we thank you for reading.

Image Credit: Shutterstock