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Write Website Content that Promotes Your Brand This Holiday Season

account_circle Team

As we move closer to the end of the year, many businesses are still feeling the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Although this year is different, one thing that remains the same is our enthusiasm for the holiday season.

In fact, many experts are predicting that people will be in the mood to celebrate more than ever. Although large family gatherings may be reduced, people will find creative, virtual ways to celebrate and that includes buying and sending gifts to friends and family. Online shopping in the U.S. is expected to rise 20 percent compared to 2019.

That’s great news for you. As the owner of a small business, you have a solid website with an eCommerce section. To help you attract even more site visitors and online revenue, here are some ideas for writing website content that promotes your products and services this season. 

Online Gift Guides

All holiday shoppers appreciate gift-giving ideas to help them choose the perfect present for loved ones, friends and coworkers. Why not spotlight your products and services with an easy to navigate gift guide section that shows why your business is the gift-giving solution? Your niche is that you probably offer a specific product or service that big retailers don’t. Use this to your advantage and spotlight your gift offerings as “highly personal” and “unique.”

Start with a catchy website headline  (“Virtually Yours for the Holidays,” “This Season, Ship the Perfect Gifts,” “Order Online and On Time This Holiday Season”) to reflect the uniqueness of this year and encourage purchases. Be sure to include high-resolution photos and succinct but descriptive copy for your products and services, with a link to your online store. Make it easy for your website visitors to become buyers.

Seasonal Interactive Opportunities

Give your brand followers more than they expected when they visit your website. You can a little more seasonal spirit by including interactive elements on your website for your brand followers to enjoy. Try writing up a few brief holiday verses and add a frame that your customers can use to create an online e-card. Sites like the PC Man make it easy for you to add free seasonal e-card templates to your site for your customers to share. 

Be sure to include various holiday themes, including some looking forward to the new year and a hopeful 2021. You should also promote your website and e-cards through your social media channels to attract more attention and spread holiday cheer. This season, more than ever, people can benefit from more hope and happiness. Be sure your website and social media messages reflect that. 

Holiday-Themed Blogs

It’s the perfect time of year to create a blog that celebrates the holiday season and allows you to thank your customers and employees. Acknowledge that it has been a challenging year for many of us and express your gratitude for your customers’ patronage and employees’ hard work. Open, honest and hopeful content will help your customers get to know the personality of your brand. 

Consider writing one blog in November about being thankful, one in December that reflects back on the year that was and another one at the beginning of January that looks to a bright future. Include links to your products and services to give your customers an opportunity to continue to support your business and brand. Best of all, blog content helps you to incorporate a search engine optimization (SEO) keyword strategy that will improve your ranking in online search directories and help more people find your site. 

Instructional Product Content

One of the best ways you can bring your brand to life is by clearly illustrating the benefits of your products and how they work. Write instructional website content about how to assemble (if applicable) and use your products. You may include photos and how-to videos to accompany your product descriptions. This will help to show your buyers the benefits of your products and how they can be used.

Instructional product content also helps anyone who receives your products as a gift to learn how to use them. With more people staying home for the holidays, you will have a captive audience of people who are just discovering your brand. Use this to your advantage by creating content that builds excitement and engagement. This will encourage first-time customers to become loyal, long-term brand advocates. 

Look to for Enhanced Website Content

Whether you need to build or enhance your website, has the resources to make it happen. Help customers find your business this holiday season with online searches.’s Pro SEO services have the options you need to succeed. Promote your products and services and gain more revenue with an eCommerce page. Let your unique voice be heard with a blog section that appeals to your customers.

Bring Customers to Your Homepage for the Holidays

Writing holiday content for your products and services doesn’t have to be complicated. Position your brand as the perfect gift this season and have some fun along the way. Your customers are looking for a little stress relief after a trying year. Make their lives easier and more enjoyable by becoming their gift-giving solution. And remember: is always here to help.