How to Build an Affordable SEO Action Plan

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Key Takeaways

  • A search engine optimization (SEO) keyword plan makes it easier for customers to find your business.
  • You need an SEO action plan that makes sense for your business, rather than a one-size-fits-all blueprint.
  • Pro SEO Services by gives you access to proven experts who can help you achieve your specific goals.


As a small business owner, positive exposure and visibility for your brand mean everything. In today’s online marketplace where 90 percent of customer purchases begin with an online search, you need every advantage to separate your business from the competition. 

You’ve explored the benefits of SEO strategies that help your business rank higher in online search directories and lead customers to your website. You may have even used basic SEO tools in the past. But now you're ready for something better.

You want to partner with SEO experts to formulate a plan to take your business to the next level. While there are many resources available, you’re looking for personalized expertise that addresses the specific needs and goals of your business. That’s what Pro SEO Services by is all about.

“It’s about meeting companies where they are in the business cycle to provide expert SEO guidance that translates into growth experiences,” says Product Marketing Manager Stacie Anderson. Let’s take a closer look at Pro SEO Services and the benefits it offers your business and brand.


“It’s about meeting companies where they are in the business cycle to provide expert SEO guidance that translates into growth experiences.”

Stacie Anderson , Product Marketing Manager

What is Pro SEO Services?

Pro SEO Services is an affordable solution targeted precisely to help you increase online visibility and exposure. It puts you in direct contact with an expert team that will develop strategies to meet your current needs with flexibility to adapt as you grow.

While's Simple SEO option is an outstanding resource that allows you to enter basic information about your business and receive DIY guidance for starting an SEO program, Pro SEO Services is for the small business owner who is ready to hire an expert team to do everything necessary to drive SEO performance. 

“Simple SEO is similar to having a personal trainer suggest a workout plan that you do yourself, like adding text to your images to help your Google ranking,” says Senior Product Manager Jason Longo. “Now imagine getting great results simply by having someone work out for you. With Pro SEO Services, our experts get to know your specific goals, then go to work and do everything for you to optimize your website and other critical elements to achieve your goals.”

No matter what your level of SEO experience, there is a Pro SEO Services option that will allow you to gain the advantages of proven expertise and performance.


Our experts get to know your specific goals, then go to work and do everything for you to optimize your website and other critical elements to achieve your goals.”

Jason Longo, Senior Product Manager 


The Benefits of Pro SEO Services

Want to have your business rank higher in online search directories and attract more website visitors? Pro SEO Services are easy, affordable and a smart investment for your business. Here’s why.

You’ll have access to expert SEO professionals who are dedicated to your success – not freelancers who don’t have a vested interest in your business. The Pro SEO team will optimize your website, make sure it is fundamentally sound and complete all of the necessary steps to ensure it attracts website visitors and qualified leads. But that’s just the beginning. 

“Let’s say you are an HVAC company focused on home air conditioners,” says Longo. “As a small business owner, you may not know how and where to implement residential keywords into your website content. Pro SEO Services are a way to let us do the heavy lifting for you by using the Simple SEO tool to create a keyword list that attracts the right audience and achieves the results you are looking for, like greater revenue.”

With Pro SEO Services, you pay for professional guidance only when you need it. Choose from flexible one-time, limited-term or subscription options depending on your business goals and needs. You can also choose to do some things yourself, like generating your own keywords with DIY Simple SEO and pairing it with a Pro On-Page SEO subscription that ensures your site is always optimized for web browsers. 

This makes Pro SEO Services perfect for seasonal businesses and other companies that have a specific marketing focus during certain times of the year. “Some businesses like to hire our SEO Pro experts for a three-month period, others like the convenience of a one-year subscription,” says Longo. “Or you may be a lawn care business who wants to invest in off-page SEO (activities not related to your website that raise your business ranking with online search engines) to reinforce your domain authority and help more people find you in the spring. Those extra customers can mean the difference between a great summer and just an average one.”

With Pro SEO Services, there are affordable options for optimizing your website, creating online visibility and exposure and growing off-page links to build your online ranking with search directories. You can also choose ala carte options that make it easy and affordable to bundle Pro SEO offerings to meet your specific needs. 

All of these services can be purchased as one-time or limited-time options and give you the ability to manage your SEO budget. This allows you to see what you are receiving for your investment so you can make adjustments and focus on the services and options that work best for your business. “Pro SEO Services offers you measurable value, and that’s important for small business owners who want to make every dollar count,” says Longo.

SEO is always evolving. That’s why continues to evolve too, expanding our offerings to keep pace with the resources small businesses need to succeed. Pro SEO Services is a great example of how we can help your business grow.

“ has a long history of helping businesses with their SEO strategies and Pro SEO Services areis the latest example of the progressive approach we take toward effectively and affordably providing solutions,” says Longo. “By offering a long list of proven SEO options that meet companies in their specific growth stages, we can help them reach their goals today and tomorrow.”

Part of the Pro Services Product Line

Pro SEO Services are just one of the online resources we offer in our Pro line. You’ll also benefit from our Pro Websites and Pro Online Store that will help you establish and grow your online presence, attract website visitors, generate online revenue and build your brand. You have business goals you are ready to achieve. has online resources to help you grow your business. Let’s work together to make it happen.

Take Your SEO Action Plan to the Next Level

In today’s competitive business landscape, having access to effective online resources is important, and working with an experienced team of SEO experts is a difference-maker. Choose our Pro SEO Services option and put the power of expertise to work for your website and brand.


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