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10 Tech Jokes For Dad + 9 Dad Related Domain Extensions

account_circle Team

Tech jokes for dad

Father's Day is right around the corner, and we’ve compiled a few of our favorite Father’s Day themed dad jokes!  

  1. How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? None, because it is a hardware problem.

  2. Why did the boy get fired from his keyboard factory job? Because he was not doing enough shifts. 

  3. What do you call an iPhone that sleeps too much? Dead Siri-ous.

  4. Why was the mobile phone wearing glasses? Because it lost its contacts. 

  5. Why was 'beef stew' not used as a computer password? Because it was not strong-anoff.

  6. What kind of computer sings the best? A Dell. 

  7. Why did the PowerPoint presentation decide to cross the road? Because he wanted to get to the other slide.

  8. What happens when a hard drive gets into a fight? It asks for a back-up! 

  9. What is another name for apple juice? iPhone chargers.

  10. Why were the horses struggling to use the internet? Because they were not able to find any stable connections. 


Our favorite domain extensions for dad

Domain extensions are the easiest way for dad to show off his creativity and passions! Here are a few of our favorite domain extensions for dad:










Did we miss any of your favorites?