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4 Social Media Techniques To Get Followers

In 2016, 2.3 billion people around the world and almost 80% of the U.S. population are active social media users. That figure is only set to increase in the coming years as access to the internet grows and technology becomes cheaper. Whether you’re invested in marketing your business or taking control of your personal brand, social media will be an integral part of how you succeed. But where are you to start? There is a never ending list of complications: new platforms and updates arrive each day and shift the landscape, different demographics respond to different types of content, and so on.

Despite these challenges, it’s crucial that you work diligently to build your number of followers on social media and so reach a wider audience. Of course, there isn’t a single, easy step you can take to make large gains. In order to get followers, you’ll need ceaseless dedication to a matrix of practices. Below, are 4 social media techniques so you can get more followers.

Develop Your Brand – Be Informative and Share Knowledge

Create a unique position from which to post, then remain consistent. One way to think of your position is the difference between types of posts: Information Sharing, Self Promotion, Opinions, Anecdotes, and Questions to Followers. Find the combination of all these types of posts that’s right for you, though keep in mind that users who share information about the world have twice as many followers as self-promoting users. Furthermore, sharing other people’s content about the world also makes you look like a thought leader and followers will look to your brand as a respected source of intelligence. This means you should stay away from mundane updates about your personal life or the progress of your business and instead share information and experience in your area of expertise. Once established in a position, stick to it and reliably communicate in a particular spectrum of tone, vocabulary, and diction.

Know Your Audience

Who’s most likely to enjoy the content you produce? Are you looking to engage with consumers of a particular product? Lovers of a certain hobby? A specific generation? Your demographic, the reasons they are interested in your brand, and how they interact with your chosen platform should color every decision you make when publishing content. Shifts in demographic occur on each platform over time, so it’s important to mine for data on your social network and stay engaged as new data becomes available. For instance, recently teen users have shifted away from Facebook and towards platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. And while the vast majority of Facebook users visit the site every day, most LinkedIn users only check in every few weeks. When you’re targeting an audience, make sure you understand their platform choices and how they will engage with your content before creating a social media strategy.

Be Consistent

In order to keep your audience engaged, you need to post at an even frequency on a steady schedule. This means walking a fine line. If you let an account stagnate for too long, your audience will lose interest and unfollow you. However, if you flood your feed with random bursts of posts, you’ll overwhelm and annoy your audience. Since setting alarms and creating content on command when needed is difficult and tiresome, social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer have been developed to help you auto-schedule posts, stockpile templates, and even stagger posts across platforms to make for easier social media management with greater audience penetration. Social media relationships are fragile, and follows can quickly turn into unfollows, but staying consistent with how much and how often you post will help positively cement your name in your followers’ minds.

Create Engaging Content

Regardless of how well you know your audience or how meticulously scheduled your posts are, if you don’t post content that is interesting, few will flock to you. Visually appealing content is key since many people are visually inclined, so be sure to mix in videos and infographics. Overall, you should also be mindful of how audiences will engage emotionally with your posts and, considering negativity posts often result in unfollows, be sure to remain upbeat.
social media followers in no time. Have you had success getting new followers? Any tips for those stagnating or just starting out? Share your thoughts below!

Author information

Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as Forbes and Entrepreneur.