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46 Words and Phrases to Stop Using, Courtesy of LinkedIn

Want to improve your writing by leaps and bounds and get much better at communicating who you are and what you do? Two of LinkedIn’s most popular Pulse articles this year include a very comprehensive list of words and terms that are so overused, they have become meaningless – and annoying.

I have to say that these two writers are my heroes – I really could not agree with them more. Ready to find out what words and phrases they (and I) cannot stand?

Stop Using These 16 Terms to Describe Yourself

Do you write things about yourself you would never have the nerve to actually say?

Although Jeff Haden is not technically talking about copywriting, this blog posts lists the top words that might look good on paper when describing you or your company but sound ridiculous and inauthentic saying out loud in real life. They include:

  1. Innovative

  2. World-class

  3. Authority

  4. Results-oriented

  5. Global-provider

  6. Motivated

  7. Creative

  8. Dynamic

  9. Guru

  10. Curator

  11. Passionate

  12. Unique

  13. Incredibly

  14. Serial entrepreneur

  15. Strategist

  16. Collaborative

Stop Using These 30 Phrases at Work

Are your meetings buzzing with so much management lingo that you find it hard to get to the real meaning of what is being said? The problem I have with these phrases is that they sound so pretentious and often are counterproductive because they irritate people so much and deflect from the real meaning.

In a similar article, Bernard Marr put together a list of the “most irritating jargon phrases” that he would like very much to ban. They are:

  1. Going forward

  2. Drill-down

  3. End of play

  4. Touch base

  5. It’s on my radar

  6. No-brainer

  7. Best of breed

  8. Low-hanging fruit

  9. Reach out

  10. Dive deeper

  11. Think outside the box

  12. Positive momentum

  13. On my plate

  14. At the end of the day

  15. Run the numbers

  16. Touch points

  17. Keep your eye on the ball

  18. Back to the drawing board

  19. Get the ball rolling

  20. Bang for your buck

  21. Close the deal

  22. When the rubber hits the road

  23. Shift paradigm

  24. Move the needle

  25. Game-changing

  26. Move the goal post

  27. Value added

  28. Win-win

  29. Across the piece

  30. All hands on deck

Strip these words out of your work vocabulary, and you are automatically a better writer.

What would you add to the list?