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5 Big Social Media Marketing Trends You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Monika Jansen

Curious as to the latest and greatest social media marketing trends? Here are 5 you don’t want to miss out on:

1. Vine catches on

Who knew that a micro video platform would take off as a marketing tool? Vine has tapped into our short attention span, and marketers have embraced it. Need inspiration? Non-users can now look through videos.

Takeaway: Think of it as an advertising platform and start creating and sharing entertaining videos.

2. Foursquare splits into two apps

Big changes at Foursquare! It is splitting into two apps: The Foursquare app will be a hybrid Yelp/location recommendation service that learns your behavior and sends you notifications that you might find useful. The Swarm app will let you check-in, find nearby friends and make plans.

Takeaway: Location recommendation apps are still big, so start thinking about how you can take advantage of them.

3. Instagram is taking over the (social media) the world

According to Scott Galloway of digital innovation think tank L2 and Columbia University, within 24 months Instagram will be the most powerful social media platform in the world. It already has 15x the engagement rate of Facebook and triple the community size of Pinterest.

Takeaway: No more hesitating – get on board today.

4. Social search becoming more prominent

Both Facebook and Google know that we trust our friends over strangers, hence social search is on the rise. Facebook is in the process of rolling out a new “grid” feature that will let users search using very specific terms. Over at Google, Google+ posts are given priority in search rankings.

Takeaway: Social search is here to stay. Set up your Google+ account and start using it.

5. Lifestyle content gains steam

A lot of brands sell products and services based on the lifestyle they represent. Think about Ralph Lauren: Their all-American image is tightly intertwined with the wealthy and beautiful horse/polo set. Smaller brands are starting to embrace lifestyle content as a smart sales strategy, too.

Takeaway: What kind of lifestyle do your users aspire to? Tap into those desires when creating content.

Did I miss any big social media marketing trends you think are important? Share your thoughts below!

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