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5 Things You Need to Become an Influencer

Monika Jansen
how to become an influencer

Marketing has undergone a huge shift over the past couple of years to focus on relationships. Every marketing activity is now about building, maintaining, and strengthening relationships with clients/customers. Because people listen to others they trust, the concept of influencers and brand ambassadors has surged in importance.

The idea of becoming an influencer is really intriguing to me. You don’t need to be a celebrity or huge breakout success with a household name to become an influencer. You just need to have the trust of a lot of people.

I read this great article on Forbes about the things influential people do better than anyone else (it’s worth reading!). Want to become an influencer, or just understand what got them there in the first place? Here are 5 things all influencers have in common:

1. Influencers are fabulous public speakers and communicators.

Think about your favorite TED talks. Their presenters are so good at communicating ideas that those ideas stick – you still remember them months and years later. Influencers are also good at starting and maintaining conversations, both online and off.

2. Influencers are passionate.

They put in time and effort to become experts on a subject because they love and are really passionate about it. They aren’t greedy, though – they freely share everything they learn with their audience.

3. Influencers are nice people.

Remember that influence all starts with trust. Do you trust people who are condescending, negative, or just plain jerks? Of course not. Influencers are friendly, approachable, and positive, and they love nothing more than giving out compliments.

4. Influencers are confident and persuasive.

When an influencer breaks out their sales pitch, you don’t even realize it. That’s because influencers are so passionate about what they’re doing that they quickly get you excited about it, too.

5. Influencers spot trends.

In fact, influencers not only look for trends, they embrace them, whether it’s a new mobile device, app, social network or idea. They use it and immediately start writing and talking about their experience, keeping them on the forefront of whatever is new.

Have you worked to become an influencer? What tactics have you successfully employed to build trust and get your name out there?

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