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7 Awesome New Pinterest Features


Just in time for the busy holiday season, everyone’s favorite digital bulletin board has some great new features that are already live or will be soon. Here are seven awesome new Pinterest features you can use for your small business:

1. Native Video

Yup, Pinterest is on the video bandwagon and has been slowly rolling out native video features for its users, two of which are profiled below. (Currently, you can Pin videos from other platforms, but you can’t create videos within Pinterest.) More video features will definitely be coming down the pike.

2. Cinematic Pins

Earlier this year, Pinterest introduced a video feature called Cinematic Pins. They’re activated via scrolling, look much like GIFs (aka, they’re super short), and can be used for Promoted Pins.

3. Promoted Video

In the “not available to everyone just yet” category:

Promoted Video works just like Cinematic Pins, but users can expand the video, view in a new tab, and see relevant products listed below. They be can up to five minutes long; you’ll be charged by impression. (Currently, this feature is only available to those brands working with a Pinterest account team.)

4. Promoted App Pins

In the “coming soon” category:

Pinterest offers six types of rich pins that allow you to add additional information. One of them is the App Pin, which lets you promote your brand’s app to users. Soon you’ll be able to promote App Pins (you’ll be charged on a cost-per-action, or CPA, basis).

Better, more refined features

5. Sharing: Want to share a Pin, board, or profile? Now you have a few more options: Facebook Messenger, Whats App, and text message.

6. Home feed: When you log into Pinterest, you’re now taken to your feed (instead of your own profile). You can easily refine your feed by removing profiles or subjects (look for the “Finetune your feed” prompt).

7. Picked for You: To help you find more of what interests you, Pinterest includes “Picked for You” Pins in your feed. Not interested? You can turn this feature off from your home feed settings menu.

Are you excited about these new features? How will they benefit your small business’s Pinterest marketing?


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