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7 LinkedIn Profile Tips That Will Help Attract Clients


For B2B small business owners, LinkedIn is the best thing since sliced bread. I would even argue that it’s the best thing since the wheel. Seriously. Actively using it has made a huge difference to the growth and success of my own small business.

There’s just one trick: You need to have a truly awesome LinkedIn profile if you want it to work for you rather than against you.

Here are my LinkedIn profile tips to ensure you not only stand out but attract clients, too.

Use a high-quality photo

Just the other day my husband showed me a profile photo of someone in his network, and I burst out laughing. It was a professionally shot portrait of a woman with her dog. I couldn’t believe it. LinkedIn is NOT Facebook, people!

Your photo is the first thing people look at when they land on your profile page. It needs to be high-res, professional looking (so that funny picture of you taken during Mardi Gras is a no-go – sorry!), and only include you.

Write an attention-grabbing headline

Mine is “Head Kick-Ass Copywriter.” It’s my title, people comment on and remember it, and it includes a very important keyword – copywriter. Your headline absolutely needs to be memorable so you stand out, and it needs to contain the top keyword you want to be found for.

Write a story that people want to read

Put plenty of thought and time into your summary, and turn it into a story that people will want to read. Highlight your accomplishments, of course, but frame it in a way that shows how your work benefits others. In other words, make it very obvious how you can help the reader. If you can quantify the results you deliver, do so.

Actively pursue recommendations

Because we rely so much on others’ opinions when it comes to decision-making (look no further than our reliance on Amazon reviews, Yelp and TripAdvisor), recommendations can make or break your profile. Not only do new recommendations pop up in the news feeds of your connections, but they add credibility and underscore that yes, you walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk.

List your skills

According to this infographic, profiles that list skills get an average of 13 times more views than profiles that don’t. Plus, endorsing someone for a skill is so easy that I’ve found myself on the receiving end of lots of endorsements. Endorsements are like shortcut recommendations, and again, they add credibility to your profile.

Share original and curated content

Unlike Facebook, people come to LinkedIn to read valuable information that can help move their careers forward or grow their small businesses. This is the place to let your expertise loose. Share original content that positions you as a thought leader, share the content of others that catches your attention, and post thoughtful comments on the content that others share.

Make it easy for people to reach you

At the very least, add your email address and phone number so your connections can reach out directly. Even though I get email alerts when someone messages me, they get quickly buried in email. Couple that with the fact that I often forget to check for messages within LinkedIn, and I’ve almost missed opportunities.

What are your LinkedIn profile tips? What have you done to stand out?


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