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Help! I Don’t Have Time for Social Media!

Are you feeling frazzled because you know you need to be marketing with social media, but you just don’t have time? Yes, managing social media can be a huge time-suck—but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to get a grip and make time for managing social media despite your busy schedule.

  • Aim for quality, not quantity. It’s better to stick to a regular schedule of posting, tweeting and updating than to have a burst of social media activity one day, then silence for two weeks. Create a schedule for when you will post new content on social media and stick with it. Focus on creating content that gets users to like, comment, share and interact with it, not on sheer volume.
  • Start small. There are dozens of social media channels and more sprouting up every day. Feeling like you must have a presence on every one is a big reason many small business owners feel overwhelmed by social media. Start with one or two key channels where you know most of your customers spend time—whether that’s Facebook or Pinterest if you’re trying to reach moms, or LinkedIn and Twitter if you’re targeting businesses. You may find that one or two channels are all you need, at least for now.
  • Use social media management tools. Social media management tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite help in managing social media posting and responses by letting you schedule posts and tweets in advance, enabling you to see all of your social media accounts in one “dashboard” instead of having to log in on separate screens, and alerting you to customer responses so you can reply to urgent issues right away. You don’t want to automate your social media outreach altogether, but these tools can help you do what you need to get done faster.
  • Set limits. Put a little bit of time into social media each day—say, 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night—and don’t worry if you can’t do more. Something is better than nothing.
  • Enlist help. If social media management isn’t the best use of your time, delegate it to an employee or partner. Make sure, however, that the person is trustworthy, responsible and thoroughly understands your brand and the image you want to promote through social media.
  • Make it easy on yourself. Social media doesn’t have to mean long, involved blog posts. Visual social media posts are getting more attention these days, so if you’re pressed for time, a photo relevant to your business or an inspirational quote shared off PInterest can be all you need to get customers clicking.

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Author information

Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky is CEO of GrowBiz Media, a media and custom content company focusing on small business and entrepreneurship. Email Rieva at [email protected], follow her on Google+ and, and visit her website,, to get the scoop on business trends and sign up for Rieva’s free TrendCast reports.