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How to Become a YouTube Star


Much as I was addicted to MTV when I was a teenager (back when it was all videos all the time in the – lord have mercy I feel old), my teenage daughter is addicted to vloggers (video bloggers) on YouTube. She is so addicted that she’s not allowed to watch them on her iPhone anymore; the poor phone’s operating system was starting to regularly shut down from sheer exhaustion.

If you haven’t been paying attention, there are a lot of YouTube stars out there. You can watch anything from Michelle Phan’s makeup tutorials to the daily life of families like the Shaytards. I was curious as to how these people got so famous, especially because there are new vloggers joining the network every day.

I did some research, so here’s everything you need to know about how to become a YouTube star:

Remember this is a business

YouTube is the number-two search engine with ad revenue in the billions, and its stars are real stars. If you want to be one, you have to take it seriously and treat your YouTube channel as a business. You need to create a brand – name, logo, messaging, value proposition, graphics, website, social channels – before you even start creating your first video.

Find a niche over following a trend

While it’s usually smart to ride the coattails of a trend, your YouTube channel is not the place to do it. Instead, look at what’s missing in the marketplace and fill that niche. Keep in mind that your success depends on your great personality and point of view.

Be patient

Gary Vaynerchuk was not famous when he started making videos in the back office of his family’s wine shop, but those videos – one per week for a few years – have turned him into a celebrity, at least in the business world. Just like Gary, your YouTube channel will not go from zero to one million subscribers in a day. Stick with it – just as you would with any other marketing program.

Actively use social media

Once someone gets into your show, they will feel connected to you – and they’ll want to interact regularly. Set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, and other social accounts where your audience is, and actively use them to keep in touch and build your community.

Stick with the basics

You don’t need a production crew and you don’t need fancy cameras when you’re getting started. Smartphone and GoPro cameras both produce very high-quality videos, and when you are just getting started, you can likely handle everything, from editing to marketing to accounting.

Are you addicted to any YouTube channels? Which stars and shows are your favorites?


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