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How to Get Started With Facebook Live

Have you been noticing a lot of Facebook Live videos in your news feed? Me too – and there’s a reason for that. We (you, me, everyone!) love video.

Facebook only makes changes based on user behavior. That means users are engaging with videos at a higher rate than images and text on its platform, so Facebook is pulling video to the forefront.

Because it’s critical to stay on-trend with social media marketing, let’s take a look at how to get started with Facebook Live:

Tie your use of Facebook Live to a business goal

There is no denying that video broadcasting via Facebook Live is fun. But because “fun” doesn’t pay the bills, make sure using video will help you meet a business goal and therefore grow your business.

Experiment with it

Before you really get going with your Facebook Live strategy, play around with it a bit so you understand its features and how it works.

So as not to embarrass yourself, choose to broadcast to only yourself once or twice. Doing this is easy. Open up the Facebook app on your mobile phone. Click on “Live” in the top menu of your news feed. Under your name or company name, you’ll see a dropdown menu that is automatically set to friends or fans. Click on that, and choose “Only Me” from the privacy options.

Once your video is finished, you can share it with your team to get their feedback – or you can just delete it.

Put together a flexible strategy

You know your audience, their interests, their challenges, and their top pain points. You know which of your products and services they love the most. You know what they ask you about the most.

Use all of this knowledge to put together a list of topics that your audience cares about. Start with one or two broadcasts a week (promote them ahead of time!). Ask your audience for feedback on topics, length, etc. Most of all, stay flexible! Your strategy will continually change – just like any other marketing campaign.

Adjust your strategy based on feedback and metrics

Continually pay attention to feedback from your audience, as their opinion is all that matters. Ask your team members and partners for ideas on future topics. Check your metrics to make sure engagement levels are increasing consistently – and to understand what topics don’t work. And keep adjusting as you go!

Will your small business use Facebook Live? Why or why not?


Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash