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How to Use Facebook Live for Marketing


My favorite client and our entire team (we’re scattered all over the U.S.) were in town a few weeks ago, so of course we got together for a big group dinner. Halfway through the evening, my client turned to me and asked, “How can I use Facebook Live for marketing?”

I was already one glass of wine into dinner. It was a Friday night. It had been a long week. Needless to say, my marketing hat wasn’t on quite straight. I tossed out some ideas and told him I’d do some research.

That research is the subject of this blog post, but let’s first discuss the basics of Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is the fancy name for the video feature that Facebook rolled out earlier this year. It can be used like Periscope for live video broadcasts, allowing you to interact directly with the legions of fans you already have on Facebook. That alone makes it a very powerful marketing tool for your small business.

Here’s what you need to know about using Facebook Live for marketing:

You can broadcast live on every page you belong to

That means you can broadcast live on your company page, the group pages you belong to, and event pages you set up or were invited to (depending on whether the settings are public or private). This feature greatly extends your potential reach way beyond fans.

However, you cannot control who can broadcast on a group or event page. If someone can post a comment, he or she can also do a live video broadcast. If you’re an admin on one of those pages, you can put a “no live video” rule into place (and delete videos if need be).

You can customize the look of your video

These features are like a cross between Instagram and Snapchat. You can choose to use a filter for your video, a la Instagram (owned by Facebook), and you can draw on your video, a la Snapchat (not owned by Facebook). Before you get too fancy, keep in mind that your video’s “look” should be consistent with your brand.

Your audience can interact with you a la Periscope

Just like viewers on Periscope (owned by Twitter) can ask questions, post comments, and “like” what you’re saying, your viewers on Facebook Live can, too. One difference: viewers can use any of Facebook’s six reactions.

If you’ve never done live video before, keep in mind that constant interactions can be VERY distracting. To help keep you on topic, keep the conversation moving, and capture questions that should be answered, ask an employee to jump on and moderate. It’ll make the broadcast a lot less stressful! (You can find more tips for a great live video broadcast here.)

You can save and share videos

Yes, you can save your videos and share them everywhere you’re active on Facebook (your personal profile, page, groups, events). Once the video is over, you can “boost it” (aka, pay to share it in News Feeds), and people can choose to subscribe to your live videos.

Live video broadcasting is a great way to connect more deeply with your clients, share your expertise, and help people get to know you and your brand better. Good luck – and have fun!


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