Optimizing Your Blog to Increase Social Sharing

You worry about good SEO on your small business website, but are you forgetting about good SMO on your business blog? What’s SMO, you ask? “Social media optimization” is the process of optimizing your website content to encourage social sharing. In a lot of ways, it’s related to SEO. Here’s how you can optimize your business blog to get more pins, shares and retweets.

  • Make it good. Quality content is the foundation for social sharing. Keep readers’ attention with a variety of content, including traditional blog posts, photo-based blog posts, videos and infographics.
  • Make it catchy. Titles are key in attracting readers’ attention and inspiring them to share blog posts. For best results, keep your post titles short; use keywords that you want to be found for (but integrate them into natural-sounding phrases); and use questions, humor or dramatic statements to grab attention
  • Make it visual. Images are becoming more important to social media, especially if you want users to share your blog posts on visually-oriented channels such as Instagram or Pinterest. But even for traditional social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, adding strong images to your blog posts will increase their chances of getting attention—and getting shared.
  • Make it easy. People are busy and lazy, and when it comes to social media, they’re typically skimming through at a rapid pace. Making it as easy as possible for readers to share your blog content is key to optimizing your blog for social sharing. Fortunately, it’s also quite easy for you to do.
  1. Start by adding social sharing buttons to your blog posts so all people have to do is click to share. Start with the basic social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, LinkedIn and Pinterest); add any others that you rely on. You can use plugins or extensions such as AddThis, ShareThis and Shareaholic to quickly add these buttons to your blog.
  2. Encourage social sharing even more by setting your social sharing buttons so they show the number of people who have already liked or shared something on social media. When people see that a blog post has gotten 100 likes, they’re more likely to share it themselves.
  • Make a request. There’s nothing wrong with coming out and asking readers to share your blog content—in fact, it’s very effective. You can include a social call to action (“If you enjoyed this post, please share it”) to the end of each blog post as part of your standard blog template. Or you can get more detailed by crafting specific CTAs for different blog posts. For example, if you have a post about a parenting topic, you could write, “Do you know a mom or dad facing this issue? Share this post with him or her.”

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