The Case for Instagram, or Why Your Small Business Needs to Use It


Still hemming and hawing over using Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy? Maybe these statistics will change your mind:

Instagram has over 200 million users globally. Of all U.S.-based Instagram users, 70% log in at least once a day and 35% log in multiple times a day.

Takeaway: Instagram users are active – very active. Make it a point to start posting on Instagram at least once a day so users will see your photos.

Photos shared on Instagram get 1.2 billion likes per day.

Takeaway: Instagram users engage with the content they see. Use that to your advantage and start building relationships with them. National Geographic writes long comments on their own photos, and many people reply back. No reason why you can’t do that too!

Users on Instagram spend an average of 257 minutes per month on Instagram.

Takeaway: Instagram users spend time exploring the site. They look around. They want to interact. Give them a reason to interact with you. Start experimenting with subjects and filters to see what garners the most engagement – and do more of that.

The most used Instagram hashtag in 2013 was #love.

Takeaway: Instagram users gravitate to positivity, just like on any other social media network. Share uplifting and inspiring photos. And use hashtags.

Instagram photos with faces in them get 38% more likes and 32% more comments than those without.

Takeaway: Instagram users are also drawn to faces. Because faces create an emotional connection, this makes sense, and means you should share as many photos of happy people as possible.

OK, so let’s switch gears. There is an absolutely fabulous video called Winners and Losers in a Digital Age. Watch it when you have a chance, but until then, here’s what presenter Scott Galloway, of digital innovation think tank L2 and Columbia University, had to say about the rise of Instagram:

We absorb the information in images 50 times faster than text; images speak to our hearts and inspire action.

Within 24 months, Instagram will be the most powerful social media platform in the world. There are two primary drivers: Mobile use and visual engagement:

  • Instagram has 15x the engagement rate of Facebook.
  • Instagram has triple the community size of Pinterest.

Takeaway: Get on Instagram. Today.


If you’re already on Instagram, what kind of engagement have you been seeing? If not, what’s stopped you?

Image courtesy of Instagram.