Top 4 SEO Keyword Tools for Small Business


Does your small businesses really, truly understand what keywords to use in online ads and on your website, social media, and your blog? Take your knowledge to the next level with one of these SEO keyword tools:

Google Keyword Planner

Cost: Free, but you need an AdWords account

Why it’s awesome: You have three ways to find relevant keywords: name of website or page; products or service category; seed list of keywords related to those products or services.


  • It shows you really useful stats (would you expect anything less?), including:
    • Average monthly searches
    • Competition level
    • Average cost per click (so important for your online ads)
  • It suggests synonyms and variations

Keyword Tool

Cost: Free – and you don’t need to create an account to use it

Why it’s awesome: It is extremely reliable and comprehensive.

Cool features:

  • Free version generates up to 750 long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term
  • Keyword suggestions are based on your domain and language
  • Results are presented in an easy-to-understand interface

SEO Book

Cost: Free, but you need to set up an account

Why it’s awesome: It uses a custom database that contains 28,527,279 keywords representing 13,762,942,253 monthly searches.

Cool features:

  • It provides approximate suggested daily search volumes by market for Google and Bing
  • It lists broad/fuzzy matching search
  • Link to price estimate tools from Google AdWords
  • Links to Google Trends, Google Suggest, and other tools providing keyword research results


Cost: Free

Why it’s awesome: It’s an incredibly sophisticated system that provides a crazy comprehensive list of keywords.

Cool features: WordStream provides keywords for every use:

  • AdWords – you’ll discover high-volume, low-competition long-tail keywords
  • Phrases – you’ll learn what people really type into search engines
  • Negative keywords, aka, what not to use in your PPC campaigns
  • SEO – and you can export them (to the tune of tens of thousands)

What’s your favorite SEO keyword tool?