Smooth Transition: Google to Made Easy

Smooth transition: Google to made easy 

Diana Alcanzar

Google recently announced that websites made with Google Business Profiles will be turned off in March 2024. This means that domains that end with and will be removed from the website field on your Business Profile. Customers who visit your website will be redirected to your Business Profile instead. This redirection will continue until June 10, 2024.  

In this article, we’ll show you how to transfer your Google Business website to a leading web hosting platform,, to ensure you stay online.  

Why get a website from is a reliable online solutions provider that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world get their business online. It has core product offerings such as a Website Builder (including Online Stores), domains, and other tools you need for growing your website (marketing tools, SEO, directory listings, and more).  

What makes us ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs is that you can find whatever you need for your website on You don’t need to hop to the next provider to look for a certain solution because we have it all for you.  

Some of our solutions offer either DIY or professional services, so you have the choice to manage it yourself or have another expert handle the nitty-gritty of your website for you.  

Preparation for transfer 

Transferring a website created with Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) to or any another hosting provider can be a bit complex. Websites created with Google Business Profile are integrated with Google’s ecosystem and may not offer straightforward export or transfer options. 

However, here are a few steps you can do as an alternative: 

  • Inventory of website elements. Create a detailed list of all the elements on your site. Since Google Business Profile websites only contain a single page, this should be a straightforward process. Document any and all product descriptions, and other relevant website elements. 
  • Content backup. Manually back up all the content on your Google Business Profile website. This includes text, images, and any other media. Google Business Profile doesn’t typically provide a direct export feature for websites, so you may need to do this manually. 
  • Plan your new website structure. Sketch out a plan for how you want your new website to be structured. This will make it easier to create and set up on the new platform.  
  • Choose a reliable website builder provider. Choose a provider that offers an intuitive website builder so you can rebuild your website without difficulty. Some hosting providers, like, offer an AI website builder that make this process easier, especially if you’re not familiar with web development. 
  • Consult with the new provider. Reach out to your new website provider for any specific instructions or tools they offer for website transfer. 

Step-by-step guide to transferring your website 

To start recreating or building your new website with, follow these simple steps: 

1. Head on to and choose a plan under Websites & eCommerce. For eCommerce businesses, we recommend selecting Online Store. 

2. Choose a plan and click Add to cart.  

3. Next, register your ideal domain. You can search for a new domain or use an existing one. There’s also an option to do it later.  

4. After this step, you’ll see your order summary. Click Continue to checkout to proceed. 

5. Provide your information and once done, click Submit payment. Existing customers should log into their account on this page.  

6. Congratulations! You now have an account with Since our Website Builder is powered by AI, here is an article about the Web AI for your guidance.  

Note: Read this article on how to manage your ads and third-party domains that are connected to your website. 

Tips and best practices for a smooth transition 

Careful planning and execution are things you should consider when transitioning from one hosting platform to another. Follow these tips to ensure a successful migration: 

  • Thorough testing. Before going live, meticulously test your new website on to verify that all features and functionality are working as intended. Identify and fix any broken links, missing content, or other issues. 
  • Update external links. Update all external links that point to your old website, such as links from other websites, social media profiles, and online directories. Redirect these links to your new website to maintain traffic flow. 
  • Google Business Profile. If you have a Google Business Profile listing, update it by changing the website URL to match your new website’s address. This ensures potential customers can still access your site through Google search. 
  • Inform your audience. Notify your website visitors, customers, and subscribers about your new website address. Provide them with relevant details also to minimize confusion. 
  • Customer support. Don’t forget to contact’s reliable customer support for inquiries or assistance. has 24/7 chat support to ensure your seamless transition. 
  • Regular backups. After completing the transition, continue to maintain regular backups of your website’s data. also has a cloud-based backup that will perform daily backups and monitoring on your website. This ensures that your website data is safe in case of unexpected issues. 

Leveraging features for your business’s Website Builder with Online Store gives you insights into how your business is doing. See reports on your products and business’s performance for you to make informed decisions in the future. You can also see analytics on how many page visitors you’ve had in a certain period, which devices they’ve used, their location, and more.  

On top of these, streamline website management with the following features: 

  • Appointments tab. Here you’ll see your appointments with your clients when you offer service-based offers like car rentals and beauty appointments.  
  • Branding tab. Manage and enhance your brand with features, such as the LogoBuilder, merch market, and social handle checker. 
  • Content tab. Here you can manage the content-related aspects of your website, such as your content calendar, blogs, and campaign ideas. This tab also has an AI Writer where you can create content with the help of AI through different prompts. 
  • Marketing tab. You can manage your promotions here to spread the good news about your campaigns.  
  • Customers tab. This is a centralized hub for all your customer-related data. Access your contact list, surveys, and forms in this tab.  

Post-transfer: Maximizing your website’s potential  

To grow your business post-transfer, you need marketing tools and SEO services to cast a wider net to your audience. Try out these tools you can maximize today: 

  • Business Listings/Directory Services. These are both directory services that allow you to list your business online so potential customers can find you online. Business Listings is a DIY tool while the Directory Services is a Pro Service where a professional handles the work for you. 
  • Search Engine Optimization Tool/Search Engine Optimization Services. These are also SEO solutions you can use to improve your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). With our SEO tool, you get exact instructions to optimize your site. Meanwhile, our SEO service allows you to sit back while an expert team manages your website’s SEO.  
  • Pay-Per-Click Services. Work with a Google Ads Certified Expert to concoct a PPC marketing strategy that boosts traffic to your website.  

Support and resources available has a 24/7 chat support where you can ask for help. It also has phone support if you want to speak with the business consultants at 866-227-1474:00 – 9:00 am ET Mondays to Fridays). Explore our knowledge base and helpful blogs if you want to do some reading yourself.  

Unlock your website’s full potential with 

You may have had limited capabilities in your Google Business Profile website, but with’s user-friendly Online Store Builder, realize your website’s full potential with its embedded perks and features. It also has other product offerings you can get for your business to accommodate your growing needs. Make that move today to start driving traffic and sales!  

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