Inside insights: a guide to small business trends

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Key Takeaways

  • Looking at trends tells you how the business world is changing and developing.
  • Our eBook explains how trends help you understand the past and plan for the future.
  • It also explores how analytical tools let you measure online marketing success. 

You can’t predict what will happen next in the world of business . . . or can you?

When starting a small business, you should be looking for every possible advantage to stay competitive. Understanding business trends can help.

Tracking business trends involves looking at data during a certain period of time and determining how this information will shape markets and industries. If the data indicates patterns of increases, decreases or consistency, a trend exists. Small business trends spotlight how the industry is changing and developing.

With over 30 million small businesses in the U.S., keeping up with the latest trends can help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Identifying small business trends allows you to magnify your company’s strengths, improve its weaknesses and confidently chart a course for your company moving forward. It can also help you grow your company’s sales, offer better customer service and operate more efficiently. 

Looking back to move ahead.

Understanding small business trends may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. “Looking Back to Move Ahead: Tracking Small Business Trends” explains how monitoring business trends can help you understand the past and plan for the future. 

From exploring a history of trendsetting marketing campaigns (the “Pet Rock” and the launch of the Apple Macintosh computer made the list) to glimpse the future of online technologies, you’ll see how these important topics can give you insights into your business.

You’ll also learn how to identify trends as they are happening, why listening to your customers is one of the best strategies for planning and how utilizing online analytics tools helps you measure success and better understand how to do online marketing for small business. 

To keep pace with technology and future trends, we highlight new innovations that enterprising companies are using for success and show why online marketing will continue to drive awareness and sales. You’ll also see why remote workers will become the norm and how artificial intelligence will become more affordable and drive customer service. 

Best of all, you’ll see how you can apply this knowledge to your business model. Topics for this comprehensive eBook include:

  • Small Business Trends: What They Are and Why They Matter
  • Looking Back: Gaining Insights From Past Marketing Trends
  • Moving Ahead: Using Trends to Strategize For the Future
  • How to Identify Trends as They Happen

Start a positive trend: Download this free eBook.

The business world moves fast. Here’s how you keep up – and get ahead. Download our free eBook to understand why small business trends are important for your success. 

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As your business continues to trend in positive directions, we’re here to help you make the most of your online investment and reach your full potential. 

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