Interview with a ux designer

< 1 MIN Team is full of talented employees, from customer service agents to dedicated developers who bring our whole ecosystem to life. One of the products customers love most is our website builder, created by a hardworking team of developers and polished by skilled UX designers like Jared Bridegan.

The website builder is a unique small business user experience, in that it responds to the industry of the person or business using it. While anyone using the builder can still customize the sections they want, the responsive experience starts businesses off in the right direction. It ensures that all the right information is included in their website.

We were so impressed with the builder and the thought that went into it, that we had to talk to the talent. We wanted to hear from the people behind the scenes here at Web who make other people’s website dreams come true every day. Today, we’re sharing Jared’s story and some of the inspiration behind the unique website builder experience provides.

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