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Unlocking your digital potential: A guide to MyLinks from

Harlan Dave Tantog

Everyone refers to the internet for information – be it for a location, product details, customer reviews, or whatever they need. As business owners, it’s super important to build a strategy where your business becomes visible in this digital space.  

Remember that right now your online reputation matters a lot online. Whether you’re just starting out or have been around for a while, your online presence affects your journey towards success. 

Because of that, we developed MyLinks – a Linktree alternative where you can share all of your links via one link in your social media profile. This helps make connecting with people online a breeze and, at the same time gets a larger audience to see and interact with your business. 

MyLinks is a fully customizable link-in-bio tool that’s perfect for social media and other quick sharing platforms. It allows you to share multiple links to drive traffic to various sources such as a website, products, podcast, events, and more. 

Customers can personalize the MyLinks landing page by adding links to their social media profiles, highlighting their best-selling product, or a special event going on. 

Establishing an online presence is a bit scary but it gets easier in time. However, MyLinks aids in making it seamless and easy for you to get started. Here’s why you must use MyLinks:  

You don’t need to code 

Simply add your content and images. MyLinks will automatically generate the landing page for you.  

You only need to click once 

To add more links or sections, simply click the “Add New Link” or “Add Section” to add more to your MyLinks landing page.  

You can easily organize content 

Ensure great user experience (UX) by organizing your landing page into sections. This helps customers find what they’re looking for faster.  

My Link is accessible within your Website dashboard, under the marketing tab. It is available in all web packages and through the appointment tool, MySchedulr.  

To wrap things up, let’s remember the important stuff: 

  • Getting seen matters: In today’s online world, being noticed is a big deal for businesses and entrepreneurs, whether you’re just starting or have been around for a while. 
  • MyLinks makes it easy: MyLinks is your handy tool to bring all your content together with one simple link. 
  • Boost your marketing: MyLinks helps in marketing, from social media to email signups. 

Now, let’s not just talk about it – let’s do it! Get MyLinks from web packages, and let’s start making your online presence shine. Your digital success is waiting, and we’re happy to see you win! To learn more, visit our MyLinks Support article.

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