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23 Fun Ways to Surprise and Delight Clients


Want to show your clients how much you appreciate them for Valentine’s Day – or just because?

There’s just one rule: Make sure whatever you do aligns with their interests and personalities. If you’re not sure what they might like, then it’s likely you’re just starting out in your work together. The next time you talk to them, ask leading questions, like Did you have a good weekend? Any big vacation plans coming up?

Also, it’s important to point out that you don’t have to surprise and delight every single client. I’d only focus on the ones who refer you a lot of business or account for a large chunk of your revenues.

Here are 23 fun ways to surprise and delight clients any time of the year.

  1. Surprise them with a singing telegram
  2. Hand-write a thank you or birthday note
  3. Hand-deliver a product – or gift
  4. Hire them a personal chef for one night
  5. Send a book based on their interests
  6. Send a copy of your favorite cookbook
  7. Send a copy of a movie you talked about
  8. Buy them tickets to a concert (even at a small venue)
  9. Buy them tickets to a sporting event
  10. Treat them to a meal at the hottest restaurant in town
  11. Send a bottle of Champagne, Burgundy, single malt Scotch, or hand-crafted Bourbon
  12. Give them a $100 gift card to Starbucks
  13. Bake them cookies or brownies – and hand deliver them
  14. Buy their dog (cat, fish, ferret) treats
  15. Send flowers from a high-end designer
  16. Sign them up for a monthly subscription service like BirchBox
  17. Buy a round of golf
  18. Introduce them to someone who could change their life (personally or professionally)
  19. Hire them a babysitter for the night
  20. Reimburse them for parking meters and garages
  21. Bring a sweet treat to every meeting
  22. Offer a variety of beverages and snacks when they come to your office
  23. Call them – just to say Hi

What do you do to surprise and delight clients?


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