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6 Daily Habits to Make You a Better Business Owner

In the day-to-day rush of running your business, it’s easy to forget about long-term issues like developing your leadership and management skills.

Here are 6 daily habits to put into place that will make every businesswoman a better business owner:

  1. Manage your schedule. Don’t let “putting out fires” or being reactive eat up your entire day. Make it one of your daily habits to set aside at least two hours of unscheduled time per day so that when emergencies do occur, they don’t wipe out your to-do list.

  2. Sleep, eat and exercise right. The most current recommendations from health experts include getting at least seven hours of sleep a night, being active at least 30 minutes per day (which doesn’t have to be all in one chunk) and eating a diet predominantly of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Your physical health directly affects your performance at work, so make health one of your daily habits.

  3. Review your results. At the end of each day, take 10 minutes to think about what went right today, what went wrong and what you can learn from it to be more effective in the future.

  4. Talk to your team. Even if you don’t have employee meetings daily, get out on the floor and interact with your employees. By taking the mood of the staff, you’ll know when problems are brewing and be better able to engage and motivate your workers.

  5. Learn something new. Read a business book, attend an event or simply check out some interesting blog posts to stay informed about what’s new in business.

  6. Build your confidence. Check out this popular TED talk about how making simple changes to your body language can physically boost your confidence and self-esteem—not to mention shaping how others react to you.

  7. Focus on the future. Do one thing every day that moves your business forward. Some days, it may be a big step; other days, it may be only a small step forward. What matters is that you take that step every day.


Photo by Laura Olsen on Unsplash