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A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Google Business Hours

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How to Change Hours on Google Business Profile

Keeping your customers informed about your business hours saves you and them from unnecessary stress. Imagine going to a store and discovering that they are closed, only to later realize that they haven't updated their regular business hours online. Quite a bummer, isn't it?

Users nowadays rely on the internet for almost all information, including your operation hours. Not only does this provide convenience for users, but it also prevents them from calling or traveling to your business when you’re not open.

One of the primary ways customers see your hours of operation is by looking up your business in Google Search or Google Maps. To update this information, you’ll need to update your Google My Business information, which affects the details that are displayed.

Why You Should Update Hours on Google Business Profile

Keeping your business hours current is crucial for several reasons. First, it ensures that potential customers can rely on accurate information when planning their visit. Nobody wants to arrive at a closed shop or call during non-operating hours. By updating your business hours, you provide a seamless customer experience, boosting satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, accurate hours on your profile also contribute to your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Google values accurate and consistent information, which can positively impact your local search rankings. So, take a few minutes to log into your Google business profile and update your business hours. It's a small task that can yield significant benefits for your business's reputation and visibility in the online world.

How to Change Your Google My Business Hours

  1. Log in to your Google business account. Once you've logged into your account, click the nine dots on the upper right corner of your Google account.
  2. Click Business Profile. You'll be able to see your Google business listing.
  3. Click Edit profile
  4. When a pop-up window appears, click Hours. You can edit the days and hours you’re available. You can also tick the box on the days that your business is closed. Click Save.
  5. Under Holiday hours, you can change business hours based on the holidays in a year. You can also add another date and indicate the business hours or indicate it as closed.
  6. If you're okay with the changes, click Save.

Some updates to your Google My Business listing happen automatically, but there are other changes, especially when removing information, that can take up to 60 days. Also, remember that certain details on your Google My Business listing cannot be changed, like reviews and ratings.

Other Tips for Updating Your Business Information

Set happy hours on your google business profile

If your business offers a happy hour, you can also set it here. The happy hours can be found next to holiday hours. You can set the days and hours when you offer discounted drinks and appetizers. Click Save once you're done setting your happy hours.

Make necessary updates to your other business key information

Aside from changing business hours, you may also want to update your business location or business name (if applicable). That way, your customers would be informed of any changes to your business if they look up your business online. If you're going to update your business name, you can also include a parenthesis that indicates the former name of your business so they won't be confused.

Don’t forget to update your website and other listings

If you’re updating your hours on Google My Business, you’ll want to make sure you update them anywhere else they’re listed. Consider other directories where you may have listed this information, like Yelp, Facebook, and Foursquare. This way, wherever customers find you, they’ll know when and how they can do business with you, regardless of the circumstances. Reach out to your customers beyond your business listings

Aside from updating your business hours on Google, you should also announce the change on your website, social media accounts, and email newsletters. That way, they'll know about the change even if they don't search for your profile on Google.

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