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How to Upsell B2B Services


Upselling is a tricky balancing act. It’s awesome to make more money, but you don’t want to be pushy or obnoxious. Plus, your concern for your clients’ happiness and success has to be genuine. If you come across as even a wee bit self-serving, it’ll show – and it’ll erode the trust your client has in you.

For me, trust is key. If you don’t have a solid foundation of trust, your relationship with your clients is doomed to topple and fall right over. So, based on my own experience and what I’ve learned from others, here is how to upsell B2B services:


The simple act of listening will go far – especially with your current clients. To be heard and understood is a basic human need. The next time you are talking to a client, listen – and leave long pauses before you respond to them, because they will keep on talking.

You know what you will hear? Other challenges they are facing. When they are done talking, that’s your cue to say, “Wow, that’s really frustrating! Did you know we offer X service to target that specific problem?”

Emphasize value

If you have a package of services that will give your clients more bang for their buck – whether it’s by saving them money or growing their revenue stream – always throw the option out there. Just keep the pitch short, natural-sounding, and no-pressure.

Highlight various services in your newsletter

Less than 24 hours after sending out my company’s most recent newsletter, I got a hot lead for a new service we are rolling out this fall. It helps that the service is filling a gaping need in the market, but it also proves that mentioning your other services in you newsletter works. Try it!

Provide free analysis

I know quite a few small, B2B companies that do this, from analyzing traffic and customer behavior on a website to auditing last year’s tax return. When you have hard data that demonstrates room for improvement – and you offer ideas on how to fix problems – it’s hard for prospects to say no, isn’t it?

Offer ongoing services

It’s no surprise why blog management is my company’s biggest service – it’s ongoing. You don’t write one blog and then call it quits – plus, how many small business owners have the time to consistently blog? Take a look at your service offerings and think about what else you can offer that will permanently take tasks off your clients’ plate.



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