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Our Hosting Experience Is Faster Than Ever

account_circle Team

At, we are always striving to provide the best experience for our customers. That is why we are excited to announce that our web hosting server response times are now up to 70% faster*.  

But what does an up to 70% faster experience actually mean? Glad you asked. First, when you are working on your website in WP-Admin, you will be able to move around quickly. Less time waiting for your page to load and more time working on your website. When your customers are reading content or shopping from your store, they can move around quickly and get what they need. Faster websites mean you can support higher traffic which leads to even better SEO rankings.    

Want to learn more about what we did?

Upgraded to PHP 8.0 


You may be asking what is PHP? Well, it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor (don’t ask what the first P is for, that is an internet secret). PHP is a programming language that allows you to build things for the web and is run on servers. For example, you may run a blog, all your posts are stored on a server and PHP is the language that makes sure the correct content is shown on the blog post. We upgraded to version 8.0 to make sure information is shown faster for your readers.

Added an OPcode cache (aka opcache)  

Caching is a system that saves content to your server’s memory the first time it is loaded on a webpage. Each time it is loaded again, it is pulled from the memory and shared with the browser. OPcache works with the new PHP 8.0 we upgraded to. The first time it sees the PHP script for your website it will save it to the server's memory. Then every time a visitor comes to the page, it will load the PHP script from the server's cache and load faster.  

Upgraded MySQL to version 8 

Pronounced MY-ES-KYOO-EL, this is a programming language that communicates with databases. This allows you to tell a database what you want quickly, and it will pull the correct information. MySQL 8.0 has important security and performance improvements to help us find information and display it quickly and securely. Busting our speed and your loading times.  

Improvements to our storage system 

We can all use improvements to our storage system (except for THE HOME EDIT ladies; we love rainbows!). We reviewed what we used and saw where  more efficiencies could be created in storing information.

All of  these changes were made with one theme in mind, speed. And we’re pleased to share these improvements now provide a top tier hosting* experience for our customers and theirs!  


* _ Hosting server performance based on Speed Index [ref] measurements against an un-cached content-rich website during the period of Jan 1, 2022 through March 31, 2022; performance compared against template WordPress websites installed on the largest WordPress hosting providers as reported by W3Techs.