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You think your website is mobile friendly, but when’s the last time you checked? Set aside some time to go through the following checklist – better to be safe than sorry! After all, I don’t know any small business that wants to lose customers because of a small issue with their mobile site.

Here is your nine-point mobile friendly website checklist:

1. Your website theme or builder is responsive

The number one thing to check is whether or not your site uses responsive design. Responsive design simply means that your website automatically appears differently when viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

If you have a new-ish website (was built within the last two years), it is most likely responsive. If your website is older than that, it might not be.

2. And it’s device agnostic

I know, super fancy term! It just means that your site will work on any type of smartphone or tablet, not just the iPhone 6, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy.

3. The touch navigation works

Everyone – no matter how slender or meaty their fingers – should be able to easily navigate your site using their index finger. Ask your employees or friends to test your touch navigation.

4. Visual content doesn’t slow down the site

Lots of images and videos can slow down the load time of your mobile website – or it might fail to load entirely. Because your responsive design pulls from your website, you might want to rethink what’s on there.

At the same time, make sure your responsive theme optimizes images for mobile so they don’t look weird, squished, or otherwise distorted.

5. You provide the most critical information

Read through your mobile site’s pages. Are you providing the most important information people need in order to take action and call you or set up an appointment?

Is your phone number and location front and center? What about store hours or reservation information? And is that information at the top of the home page?

6. Your site has flat navigation

Trying to navigate subpages within pages from a mobile device is super frustrating. Remove pages that aren’t necessary for a great mobile experience – like the pages where you can download ebooks or other collateral.

7. The contact form is minimal

Ask for the bare minimum information in your contact, reservation, or appointment forms so they are quick and easy to fill out. You can always gather more information via email, on the phone, or in person.

8. Ecommerce is mobile friendly, too

If you sell products or services online, make sure your ecommerce shopping cart is optimized for mobile use, too. You definitely don’t want to lose out on sales!

9. The entire site has been tested

Don’t assume your mobile site is perfect. Test all of the above to be sure – and yes, that includes testing on various mobile devices (which you can do at your local Best Buy).

If your website fails any of the above, get your website development company, agency, or team of choice on the phone ASAP. With any luck, you’ll have a completely mobile friendly website in no time.

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