5 ways to efficiently manage online bookings with MySchedulr

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Whether you’re a spa looking to book more clients or a lawn care business, businesses need to streamline their appointment process to boost customer satisfaction.

Back in the day, appointment setting was a manual and tedious process. But thanks to technology, online booking systems are now accessible. They automate key processes including employee and customer management, scheduling client sessions, and sending out alerts. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of scheduling software. We’ll also learn more about MySchedulr, Web.com’s newest appointment scheduling tool. 

Top 5 Benefits of Using an Online Booking System Like MySchedulr

1. Reduced labor costs

Businesses tend to spend the most money on labor. Booking software reduces labor costs by automating tasks that would otherwise be completed by two or more employees.

Your platform can also work round-the-clock. By allowing customers to book a session with you online, you can accept appointment requests 24/7 — zero manpower required. 

The ease of use positively impacts your customer’s perception of your brand. It creates a ripple effect, positively impacting your brand’s credibility and eventually, your conversion rates.

2. Reduced Schedule Conflicts

Double booking, scheduling employees to work when they are not available, and unbalanced shift distribution are all examples of scheduling conflicts. Avoid scheduling conflicts with a system that automatically informs you if any of your clients or personnel are available.

Let’s face it: manual procedures, where people must fill out multiple spreadsheets or documents, frequently result in scheduling conflicts. Therefore, eliminating the possibility of human error is the best strategy to prevent any issues.

Scheduling software can assist you in better scheduling and tracking availability – both for your services and your employee schedules. This helps maximize employee performance and boost customer experience at the same time. 

3. Employee Retention

One in four workers says that their decision to stay at their current job or look for a new one is because of their negative experience with technology. 

However, workforce technology frequently fails to adapt to the business’s requirements. More than a third of workers, particularly deskless workers who rely on company-approved devices and software to complete their work, believe that out-of-date technology and processes make their jobs harder than they should be.

Appointment scheduling software helps bridge the gap that causes negative employee experience in communications, data collection, and even customer interactions. Remember that your employees will take care of your customers. So, take care of them, too!

4. Easily Upsell Services

You will face a lot of online competition. In any case, how would you stand out? By cutting product and service costs? Of course, you don’t want to resort to that.

Besides top-tier products and services; they also want great experiences. Therefore, ensure that you add value to that experience. Hotels, for example, can offer accommodation packages like the inclusion of transport, a breakfast buffet, or any high-value arrangements suited to their guests.

The advantage of an appointment scheduling system is the ease with which packages and add-ons can be created, published, promoted, and sold online. Combining them or giving customers the option to choose their package helps them get exactly what they want, which helps boost your revenue even further.

5. It is Mobile-friendly

It is difficult to recall a time when we did not rely on mobile phones. They are now present in every aspect of our daily lives. In 2020, the average mobile phone user would use their device for 4 hours and 20 minutes per day. That amounts to one-quarter of their waking hours! It is also convincing evidence that if you do not implement a mobile-friendly appointment system, you will likely lose out on customers and revenue.

Because of this, Web.com has released an online booking system that is mobile-friendly and accessible to your customers on a variety of devices. 

Implementing a fully functional mobile website is essential for any business, whether customers are waiting for a doctor’s appointment, making a cup of coffee during a screen break, or sitting in a taxi.

What’s even better is MySchedulr can work without a website, discover more below. 

Web.com’s Appointment Scheduling Software: MySchedulr

What it is

MySchedulr is a tool for scheduling appointments offered by Web.com. This standalone product lets customers easily book one-on-one services, even group events, and manage team schedules online. Intending to assist businesses’ expansion, it boasts a user-friendly design and completely customizable features at a very affordable price.

How it works

The tool can be used independently or embedded into a website. There is not much setup required because of how simple it is.

Once setup, the confirmation, reminder, and cancellation emails that you need to send to customers are all automated. This helps you make better use of your calendars, delegate less work, and make the most of your time. 

In addition, MySchedulr makes it simple to set your availability and booking policies. It also lets you add custom configurations to each booking. For instance, you can integrate it with Zoom, in which the email confirmation contains links for virtual sessions. 

You can also use add custom intake forms to get more customer information.

Key Features:  

    Online appointment scheduler (works with or without a website)

    Email automation

    Easy appointment scheduling

    Easy setup of availability, booking policies, and more

    Drag-n-Drop appointments on your site

    Creation of a team member profile

Efficiently Manage Appointments Using MySchedulr Today!

It goes without saying that there is a better approach than having to manually note schedules. 

Whether you’re talking reservations, online appointments, or the like – you’ll find that MySchedulr is an intuitive and cost-efficient option for your business. 

Over the years, online booking platforms have positively affected businesses. Investing in one will not only maximize your returns but also simplify your scheduling process. Get MySchedulr today!

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