5 newsjacking tips for small business

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When it comes to newsjacking, be like Oreo. When the power went out during Super Bowl 2013, Oreo sent out a quick tweet:

“Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.”

Brilliant. They saw an opportunity and leveraged it to spread their brand’s message. And boy did it work! Oreo’s tweet became one of the most talked-about Super Bowl 2013 moments.

Newsjacking, of course, can go horribly wrong if your post is perceived as tone-deaf or insensitive, so try to think like the people at Oreo. Here are five newsjacking tips to help ensure you get it right.

Choose your news or trend carefully

The news item or trending topic that you jump on must be tied to your brand somehow. Don’t force the connection. If it isn’t a good fit, don’t worry – there are always more opportunities coming down the pike.

Determine how you can add to the conversation

Because there’s already a deafening amount of noise out there, determine how you can add value or be helpful. Do you have a tip to share? An important viewpoint you think is missing from the conversation? A discount to offer? Some freebies that will directly help those in need?

Decide what business goal newsjacking can help you reach

Newsjacking can do more than help spread your brand’s message. It can greatly boost your visibility, build your thought leadership, or even drive sales. Don’t just newsjack because it’s fun. Treat it like any other marketing campaign and do it only if it can help your brand reach its goals.

Jump on it quickly

It goes without saying that you need to jump on hot topics immediately, before our tiny attention spans shift to the next thing. Oreo was able to capitalize on the power outage immediately, but within 24 hours is fine, too.

Share on social media

The best place to amplify your message is social media, of course. Share your blog post multiple times on multiple channels, and use appropriate hashtags (research them first!) so people can easily find your message.

Do you have any other newsjacking tips to share – based on your own experience or what you’ve seen others do?

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