9 ways to optimize your YouTube channel

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If your YouTube channel is getting no love, fret not. It can take months or even years to build up a big following. However, there are ways to move the process along! Here are 9 ways to optimize your YouTube channel:

1. Brand it!

Add your logo, a cover photo that represents your brand, and “follow” social icons. Fill in your profile information completely, focusing on why people should watch your videos and subscribe to your channel. Don’t forget to add a link to your website. Finally, choose a background color that is in line with your brand’s.

2. Add tags

You can add tags to your YouTube channel to make you more findable, so don’t skip this step. Use keywords from your overall SEO strategy and using YouTube’s keyword tool. Just be sure they are specific, descriptive, and slightly different from what everyone else is using.

3. Use the Creator Hub

Every social network wants you to succeed and provides the resources to do it. YouTube’s Creator Hub is packed with resources to help you make great videos, find your audience, and grow your channel. Use it.

4. Create a trailer

Your first video should be a trailer video that explains your brand and what people will learn from watching your videos. Spend time on it to ensure makes a big, positive impact.

5. Spend time on titles and descriptions

Treat video titles like blog post titles and video descriptions like the blog meta descriptions. Titles need to be eye-catching, compelling, energetic, and explain what’s in the video. Descriptions have to provide more information on what you’ll learn.

6. Include CTAs

You can add calls-to-action in three places – on your main channel page, in the video, and in the video description. Add them in all three spots.

7. Watch your thumbnails

Each video thumbnail should capture an interesting shot – not the one with your head thrown back laughing and eyes half open. People decide whether or not to watch your videos based on thumbnails.

8. Ask people to subscribe

Simple as that! But have fun with your ask. You could say something cheeky like, “Watch my videos, and you’ll be like Han Solo – the girls will want to be with you, the guys will want to be you.”

9. Create playlists

Once you have a lot of videos on YouTube, group them by topic into Playlists. This makes it so much easier for users to find videos they want to watch, which greatly increases engagement levels.

How do you attract people to your YouTube channel? What kind of topics do you cover?

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