How to put together an awesome lead nurturing program that works

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You do all this work to attract prospective clients to your website – you blog, you are active on social media, you start and join conversations. You keep your website updated and engaging so visitors will fill out your contact form and get in touch. What do you do after that?

If you’re like me, you send them an email in reply, and then … nothing. You let the lead go cold.

I know better! I write dazzling content for clients’ lead nurturing programs all the time, and I even help them set it up in their email program of choice.

Since I am serious about growing my business, I am finally going to put together a lead nurturing program for myself specifically to convert prospects into clients. Based on my experience, here’s how to put together an awesome lead nurturing program that works:

Make a list of your most valuable assets

What content does your target market find useful, helpful, and valuable? Make a list of everything that you can think of:

  • Super-popular blog posts (the ones with lots of comments and shares)
  • Ebooks that share insider secrets and tips
  • Free consultations or samples
  • Mind-blowing success stories or stats that prove the value of what you offer
  • Articles from other sources that underscore the importance of the service you provide

Segment your target markets

Unless you have only one target market, you’ll want to create separate lead nurturing programs for each segment. After all, a small business owner and a director of IT at a midsize company have different challenges.

Put your offers in order

Now, pick the three assets that are the most popular or attractive to each target market and decide what order to send them in. Keep in mind that the first two emails in your lead nurturing program should be more helpful than sales-y. Save the sales pitch for the third and final email.

Spend a lot of time on your email subject lines

I read in this HubSpot blog post that “secrets” is the most clicked-on word in lead nurturing subject lines, so use it when it makes sense (and definitely not for every single email!). Spend a lot of time writing your subject lines so that they pique your prospect’s interest.

Keep the copy short and client-focused

No one has time to read long emails – and no one wants to scroll forever on their mobile device either. Keep the copy in your email short and focused on the needs of the client. Write as if you were speaking directly to them on the phone – aim for a fun, casual, and upbeat tone of voice.

Test and iterate

If a subject line or offer isn’t resonating or generating enough click-throughs to your site, swap it out for a different one. Update your emails as you create new content or find new industry articles that are particularly useful. Test the timing of the emails (though the first email should always go out within 24 hours).

What information do you share in your lead nurturing system that generates a lot of interest? What other tips do you have for creating an awesome lead nurturing program?

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