5 quick tips for using emojis in email marketing

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Have you noticed emojis appearing in email subject lines from big brands? I have, too, and I figure that if big brands are using them, they must work. But of course, there are a few tips to follow to make sure emojis are also effective for your small business.

Here are five quick tips for using emojis in email marketing (courtesy of this very interesting infographic):

Consider your audience

Baby boomers might not view emojis as favorably as Millennials do – but it really depends on your audience. You know them best. If they are forward thinking and your brand represents something fun, emojis might be perfect.

With that said…

A/B test them in subject lines

Adding an emoji or three might be effective for your brand and resonate with your audience, or it might not. Run some A/B tests to find out. If they’re well received, experiment with different emojis to see which ones your audience like best.

Choose your emoji carefully

Top emojis to use in email subject lines:

  • Snowman – 65.72% average open rate
  • “Black” sun – 20.95%
  • Star – 10.65%

Worst emojis:

  • Finger pointing – 9.52%
  • Number in a circle – 8.10%
  • “White” sun – 8.03%

Use them thoughtfully

Using an emoji “just because” doesn’t cut it. Use them to emphasize the topic, add humor, and because it’s relevant. If your email or the topic is serious, think twice before using an emoji.

Test before you hit send

You’ve probably noticed that operating systems (iOS, OS X, Android) and email platforms (Google and Yahoo) have different versions of emojis. Your email marketing platform probably does, too, so always test emails that contain emojis on the different platforms to ensure they are showing up and look good.

Have you used emojis in email marketing yet? What kind of response did you get? If you haven’t yet, will you use them in the future?

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