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Small Business Bliss: An eBook Guide from A to Zen

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Running a new business is always a challenge, no matter how organized you are or how much planning you've done. The opportunity that comes with starting a company is accompanied by difficulties that can seem overwhelming.

However, owning a business does have its upsides. Nearly 70 percent of all U.S. workers are disengaged from their jobs and want to be self-employed, but only seven percent are. If you’ve started a company, congratulations on realizing your vision and becoming one of the 58.9 million small business owners nationwide.

Fulfilling your dream is exciting, but it often comes with pressure and stress. Tasks outside of your comfort zone – such as marketing or website design – are necessary, but might leave you feeling like you're gasping for air.

Here's where things get easier. Take a deep breath, click a single link and benefit from some of the wisdom we've gained helping over three million small business owners like you find peace while taking charge of their business ambitions. 

Your guide to small business resources – and inner peace. 

Wherever you are in your small business journey, our new eBook, “Starting a Small Business: The Basics from A To Zen,” will lead you in the right direction, helping you find the best tools, services and support. 

Like many new small business owners, you may ask yourself, “Should I incorporate or secure an LLC? How do I set up a business email? Where should I buy a domain name? How do I get more customer leads? My business is on Facebook, do I really need a website? Who offers the best website hosting for small business? Once I’m online, how will customers find me and how can I track online analytics?”

From helping you establish your business through legal channels and offering smart marketing ideas for small business to providing web design services and the best website builder for small businesses, we have everything you need to enter a state of small business Zen. Whether you're looking to build a website that anchors your brand while linking to social media and email campaigns or trying to integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs so your customers can find you online, our comprehensive eBook will get you on the right track. Topics covered include:

  • The Way Forward: Making Your Business Idea a Reality
  • Legally Speaking: Following Business Laws
  • Funding Your Dream: Understanding Business Financials
  • Your Online Identity: Securing a Domain Name
  • Online Marketing: Designing Your Own Website
  • Spreading the Word: Promoting Your Product or Service Online

We’re with you every step of your journey.

Download our free eBook or audiobook and get started now. On your winding path, you'll always have the team to assist you. As the website company small businesses trust, we provide guidance and support to make your life easier.

From helping you buy a domain name and design your own website in a few clicks to putting your business in front of more people, our wealth of expertise and experience helps you achieve your goals. 

We're ready to help you be your own boss and build the company you deserve. Begin your journey today with our eBook or audiobook and find peace and fulfillment in your small business ventures.

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