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Roofer marketing unlocked: How to nail roofing ads

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The roofing industry is growing. The global market is increased from $151.80 billion in 2022 to $161.36 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach $193.26 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 4.6%. 

The National Association of Home Builders reported that its builder-sentiment index reached 70 in May, reflecting continued strong demand for homes. With homebuilding and home buying on an upward trend, there’s plenty of opportunity out there for roofing services owners who know how to promote their businesses. 

This post will explain the most effective roofing marketing ideas today and share some best practices for advertising that will help your roofing company get more jobs. 

What is Roofing Marketing and Advertising?

Roofing advertising and marketing refers to the services used by roofers to promote and market themselves in a competitive environment.

The roofing industry is a large and competitive business, with many roofing contractors for limited business in a highly localized market. Proper roofing advertising and marketing are essential to attract new customers and establish a good reputation in the industry.

What Are the Benefits of Roofing Marketing Campaigns?

Increase brand awareness and visibility

Increase the visibility of your brand and boost customer engagement.

Generate leads

Generate more quality leads and can better qualify those leads.

Generate more referrals

Gain more customer referrals, which can further fuel sales growth.

Increase sales and revenue

Increase sales and revenue by providing a more effective way to reach more people and potential customers.

Stand out from competitors

Stand out from your competition and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Build customer loyalty

Build trust and loyalty among customers, making them more likely to choose your services.

Educate potential customers

Provide useful content and educational materials to potential customers that can help them better understand your services and products.

6 Roofing Ads and Marketing Ideas For Your Roofing Company

Idea #1 Make money from bad weather

By targeting your roofing advertising to seasonal and local needs, you can create marketing campaigns in response to weather events and profit from bad weather. All you need to do is know what homeowners or commercial customers in your area need.

Depending on the part of the country where your business is located, your customers might need rain gutters to deal with downpours, or rain barrels to conserve scarce rain.  Customers may be more in need after a severe windstorm damages a lot of roofs in the area, or before a major rain is predicted. These are just a few scenarios where business and marketing activity can correlate with weather.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ad tools and services for small businesses like roofing companies can help make the most of bad weather.  Here’s one example of a PPC ad targeting people who need emergency roof repairs. This is what came up when I searched “emergency roof repair.”

What makes this ad so good? It pushes all the buttons—that is, uses all the relevant keywords—that a person searching for emergency roof repairs might use, including:

  • 24/7
  • Emergency roofing contractors
  • Commercial roof

It lists types of roofs the company specializes in that customers might search for:

  • Metal roofing, TPO/PVC roofing, EPDM roofing

And it lists types of services the company specializes in that customers might search for:

  • Roof repairs, Roof replacement, Emergency service

PPC ads are a great way to target your marketing both seasonally and locally. Since PPC ads can be made quickly, it’s easy to use them to take advantage of ongoing or upcoming weather. That’s something you can’t do with billboard or other traditional print advertising methods. Not sure how to execute a PPC campaign? Our team of PPC experts can help!

Is rain in the forecast for next week? Quickly put up a PPC ad campaign for 20% off roof inspections, urging customers to prepare for the storm. Is a long stretch of dry weather ahead? Remind prospects now is the perfect time to start any major roofing projects they’ve been putting off.

You can create roofing Google ads since Google’s local targeting allows you to choose specific locations and exclusively show your ads to people in those locations. You won’t waste money on Google ads in regions you can’t offer service in. If you serve multiple territories across a wide geographic area, you can target different ad campaigns to different locations within those territories. You can even target specific ZIP codes within a city. Local business listings are needed for PPC ads but can also help gather local customers all on their own as well.

Besides Google ads, you can also deploy Facebook ads and Instagram ads to widen your roofing ads’ reach.

Idea 2: Get leads for roofing jobs by making your business stand out

The unique selling proposition (USP) of your roofing company is what differentiates you from your competitors in the marketplace. Your USP could be your service level, your industry experience, your prices, your reputation, your people, your guarantees —whatever makes your business better than your competitors.

Without a USP, none of these advertising and digital marketing tactics for roofers will work. So how do you get a USP? First, look at the competitors in your local area and how they market and advertise their businesses. What aspects of their roofing company do they emphasize?

What are their USPs?

For example, in my area, some roofing companies promote the fact that they’re family-owned; others emphasize how long they’ve been in business; some focus on their low prices.

Remember, though, when it comes to your USP, you should think about what matters most to the customer. For example, in and of itself, being family-owned probably isn’t enough to get a customer to choose your business for roofing jobs over another. You need to find out what’s important to prospective customers in the communities you serve.

Roofer marketing ideas for potential USPs you could use in your advertising:


Do you specialize in green roofing that helps customers save money on their energy bills all year long? This is a popular selling point for both residential and commercial customers.

Type of customer

Do you target clients with upscale homes that have custom roofing needs? Do you specialize in builders that need roofing for new construction? Maybe your target market is entry-level homeowners or rental property landlords seeking affordable roofs.

Type of roof

Do you specialize in a particular kind of roofing jobs, such as clay tile or metal? How about low-slope or steep-slope roofs? Maybe your business is in an area with a lot of historic homes and you know how to upgrade their roofs to modern standards while still keeping a vintage look.


Do you guarantee your roofs to be leak-proof for X number of years? Do you throw in a free annual inspection? Perhaps you guarantee that the work will be completed by the date stated in the contract or the customer gets a percentage discount off the price for every week the project runs late.


Are you the “white-glove roofing company” whose employees clean up the work area at the end of every day, never disturb the customers, and wear professional uniforms? Maybe you’re the emergency roofing repair that specializes in immediate response to leaks, storm damage or other emergencies. Or you’re one of those commercial roofing companies that install roofs for businesses, warehouses, and other large commercial structures?

These roofing advertising ideas should be enough to get you started on thinking about how you can differentiate your roofing business from the rest of the crowd—and your roofing ads from the rest of the online ads. These days some people may even try to find roofing services through voice search!

Idea 3: Share useful information to get more roofing leads

Content marketing” might sound intimidating, but really, it just means using information (content) to market your roofing business. Content can come in many forms, from a 10-point checklist or a blog post to a YouTube video or social media post. Here’s how to make it work for your roofing services company.

First, think about what your customers need to know. What are the most common questions that customers and prospects ask you? For example, they might want to know how often a roof needs to be replaced, what the best type of roofing material is for different structures, or what a “green” roof is and how it can save them money.  I bet you can probably come up with five or 10 questions that you get asked all the time, right off the top of your head.

Second, create some content that answers those questions. Keep in mind that you can answer the same question in several different formats. For example, you could put a “How to do a quick roof inspection” checklist on your website that explains how to safely do your own roof inspection, and create a video on the same topic where you demonstrate all of the steps.

The reality is that most consumers nowadays go online to learn how to patch a roof leak, how to tell if a roof needs replacing, or what type of roofing is best for their home. If you can be the one to answer their questions and even show them how to DIY a little bit, your roofing business will be top of mind when they’re ready to actually take action and you’ll have already earned their trust.

For example, this video from a roofing company that shows “how to tell if you need any roof repairs.” At the time I wrote this post, this one company’s video had nearly 200,000 views on YouTube. That’s 200,000 potential roofing leads, for one independent roofing company in Ohio.

This isn’t a super fancy video. But by focusing on a topic homeowners might search to see if they need to hire a roofer ( “How to tell if you need a roof repair” ) it can help them get more leads nonetheless.

Even homeowners who inspect a roof themselves are very unlikely to actually repair it on their own. And if they start, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll need professional help at some point. That’s where your roofing business comes in.

Third, share your content on social media platforms, on your website, and on YouTube (for videos). Be sure to link back to a relevant landing page on your website.

For example, a YouTube video on how to patch a leaky roof should take the viewer back to a landing page about your emergency leak repair service offerings, since that’s what they’re interested in. Don’t take them to a page about your green roofing specialty. This also works for your website’s blog posts. Take them to relevant landing pages related to your blog’s topic.

Idea 4: Improve your company’s visibility online

To improve your roofing company’s visibility online, start by creating an optimized business website that’s SEO ready. Create blog posts there that customers can read for more content and information that speaks directly to your target customers and highlights the unique benefits of working with your company as part of roofing marketing ideas.

Search engine optimization or SEO refers to the practice of improving a website’s visibility and organic ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). By ranking higher on search engine results pages, websites have a better chance of attracting potential customers, increasing brand awareness, and achieving business objectives. You need to increase your SEO.

As a roofing company, you should focus on a local SEO strategy, such as creating content for local businesses and linking to relevant local blogs and websites. Most of your customers are found near your primary service area and you don’t want to waste efforts on out of town customers you can’t serve. In addition to your local SEO efforts, you can also register your roofing company in business listings and online directories for better visibility.

You can also utilize social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your services, create relationships with customers, and share updates.

Idea 5: Manage your reputation off and online

When it comes to choosing a roofing company, reputation is huge. After all, no one wants to work with a company that doesn’t meet deadlines, has plenty of customer complaints, does shoddy work or doesn’t stand behind their product. This is why tapping into your previous customers is so important.

Word-of-mouth is still a major factor in how both residential and commercial customers select a roofing company.  To benefit from positive word-of-mouth, create a referral program and ask your satisfied customers if they’d be willing to refer you to someone they know who might need roofing services.

Give customers plenty of business cards to share, and ask if you can put a sign advertising your work in their front yard or outside their commercial building. You can even offer a small discount in exchange for this.

Online word-of-mouth is crucial, too.  List your roofing business on relevant review sites, work on getting more Google reviews, and pay attention to the reviews you get. You may need to do a little prodding to get clients to write an online review and customer testimonials, but most will be happy to do it if they are happy with your work. Just remember to always keep up with your online reviews!

Idea 6: Use ad retargeting

Have you ever noticed those ads that seem to “follow” you around the Internet? You search for running shoes on Monday, and for the rest of the week you see nothing but ads for running shoes. This is called ad retargeting, and it’s a really smart tactic for big-ticket purchases such as roofing services.

Why? Whether you target residential or commercial customers, choosing which roofing service to use is not a fast decision. Your customers probably do a lot of online research before making their selection.

Retargeting takes advantage of that process by using information gathered from prospects’ previous online behavior to serve up relevant ads. For example, someone who has been looking up how to choose roofing materials or how much the average new roof costs could see your ads even when they’re not actively searching for roofing information.

You can use retargeting with Google ads, Facebook ads and more. As prospects see your retargeted ads over and over, it builds awareness of your roofing business. (If your ads are showing up all the time, your business must be successful and popular, right?)

In the example below, I was searching for PPC ads and YouTube videos about roofers. Later the same day ads for roofers showed up when I visited Yahoo News:

Ad retargeting is an amazing way for your roofing business to make a big splash on a small budget.

How to Create an Effective Roofing Advertising and Marketing Plan

Define Your Goals

Set specific, measurable objectives for the success of your roofing advertising and marketing plan. Think about whether you want to increase website visitors, generate more leads, or create more conversions.

Research Your Market

Gather data on potential and current customers to understand their needs and preferences by reading online reviews or asking them to rate your business. Consider roofing industry reports, search engine analytics, and surveys. It’s also a good idea to scope out your direct competitions and studying what works well.

Select Your Channels

Choose the best media to reach your target audience, such as radio, print, television, or digital. Depending on your marketing budget, you can deploy both print advertising and digital advertising. Tailor your message and creative to align with the channel and audience.

Develop Your Message

Craft a compelling message that resonates with your target audience and highlights your competitive advantages. If your roofing company specializes on fast and professional emergency work, center your advertisement’s messaging on that.

Create Your Content

Develop consistent content that promotes your brand and encourages engagement. Consider using video, blog posts, images, email campaigns, and social media. You can post roofing image content with witty and relatable captions or make informative roofing posts.

Track and Adapt

Monitor the performance of your plan using analytics, and modify it as needed based on changes in the market or customer preferences. If you feel like some of your marketing tactics or roofing ads aren’t working, don’t be afraid to improve them for better results.

Measure Your Results 

Establish key performance indicators to track the success of your plan, such as ROI, website visits, and customer feedback. Use this data to refine your roofing marketing plan.

What Effective Roofing Company Marketing Efforts Can Do

If you’re a roofing contractor and you’re dabbling with advertising I hope you’re feeling inspired. From ads that can make the most of bad weather, to unique selling propositions, content marketing and even retargeting, these different ideas can help advertise your roofing business and get more customers. When advertising is effective it’s a very powerful tool.

That said if you’re a roofer who isn’t having much luck advertising you can always lean on for advertising expertise.

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