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Etsy for small businesses: Is selling on Etsy worth It? 

Diana Alcanzar

Selling handmade items, vintage pieces, and craft supplies can be challenging. The competition is stiff, and it might feel like your store is drowning in a crowd. Good thing there’s Etsy—a platform that’s designed specifically for unique and creative items like yours.  

Wondering if selling on Etsy is the right move for your business? Let’s break it down in this article.   

7 reasons you should sell on Etsy 

With its focus on handmade, vintage, and craft supply items, Etsy has become a preferred choice for creators and artisans who are looking to reach a targeted audience who can appreciate their uniqueness and craftsmanship. But aside from this, there are other reasons why businesses want to sell on Etsy: 

  • Targeted audience. Etsy is known for its community of customers who are specifically looking for unique, handmade, and vintage items. Sellers have access to a large, niche market that appreciates and seeks out the kind of products that they sell. 
  • Ease of use. Etsy’s platform stands out for its user-friendly design, simplifying the process of setting up a shop and selling, even for people with little eCommerce experience. The platform offers various tools and guides, which help sellers list their products, manage their shops, and process payments. 
  • Brand building. Etsy provides an opportunity for you to build a brand around your creations. While the platform has certain limitations on branding, it still allows for personalization through shop pages and product listings. 
  • Community and support. Etsy has a strong sense of community among buyers and sellers. New sellers can benefit from a wealth of shared knowledge, forums, and support from both Etsy and other sellers. 
  • Low start-up costs. Starting an Etsy store doesn’t require a huge upfront investment. This makes it an attractive option for small-scale sellers and hobbyists. 
  • Global reach. Etsy sellers can reach customers worldwide. This provides a much larger market than they might achieve through local selling or independent websites alone. 
  • Integrated tools and services. Etsy provides integrated tools for marketing, SEO, and sales analytics. They also offer services like Etsy Payments and Etsy Shipping Labels, which simplify the selling process. 

The default question you might have now is, Do Etsy sellers actually make money? The answer is yes. However, your success depends on the uniqueness of your products and your shop management and marketing strategies. Given that Etsy’s customer base looks for unique, often handcrafted items, you can command higher prices based on the perceived value and uniqueness of your items. This makes Etsy a lucrative venture for an artisan or a crafter like you. 

Common products people sell on Etsy 

Etsy is a hodgepodge of unique and creative products that cater to various interests and niches. You can find these products that are being sold on Etsy: 

  • Handmade crafts. Includes items like knitted scarves, handmade jewelry, pottery, and custom artwork. These are often one-of-a-kind or made-to-order. 
  • Vintage items. Etsy is a popular platform for selling vintage goods. These include clothing, jewelry, furniture, and collectibles that are at least 20 years old. 
  • Art and photography. Artists and photographers sell original works, prints, and custom commissions. This category ranges from digital art to traditional paintings and landscape photography. 
  • Home decor. Includes items like handmade candles, custom signs, decorative pillows, and unique furniture pieces. 
  • Clothing and accessories. Many Etsy sellers offer handmade or vintage clothing. They sell custom T-shirts, dresses, and unique fashion accessories like hats, scarves, and belts. 
  • Jewelry. Handcrafted and custom jewelry is a significant part of Etsy’s marketplace. This includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings made from various materials. 
  • Wedding items. Custom wedding invitations, decorations, bridal accessories, and personalized gifts are popular on Etsy. 
  • Craft supplies. Sellers offer a variety of craft supplies like beads, yarn, fabric, patterns, and tools, often catering to other Etsy sellers. 
  • Personalized gifts. Items like custom mugs, personalized keychains, engraved jewelry, and monogrammed items are in demand for their personalized touch. 
  • Digital products. This includes digital artwork, printables like planners and calendars, website templates, and digital patterns for crafts. 
  • Health and beauty products. Handmade soaps, natural cosmetics, and skincare products made with organic ingredients. 
  • Toys and games. Handmade or vintage toys and games, including educational materials, wooden toys, and personalized puzzles. 

Top challenges of selling on Etsy  

It’s also important to acknowledge Etsy’s challenges along with its opportunities. These hurdles can impact your overall experience and success as a seller on the platform: 

  • Payment processing fees. One of the main drawbacks of selling on Etsy is its payment processing fees. Every transaction made through Etsy Payments incurs a fee. The fee includes a percentage of the total sale price plus a fixed fee per order. These fees can add up and be challenging for you.  
  • Intense competition in Etsy’s search rankings. With millions of sellers on Etsy, standing out and gaining visibility can be challenging. The competition in Etsy’s search rankings is fierce. You must know how to optimize your listings using effective SEO strategies to improve your visibility.  
  • Market saturation. Certain product categories on Etsy are highly saturated. This oversaturation can lead to price wars and make it more challenging for less established shops to get attention. 
  • Dependency on platform policies. Selling on Etsy means adhering to its policies and updates, which can change from time to time. These changes can affect how you manage your shop and interact with customers. 
  • Limited branding opportunities. You can customize your Etsy storefront, but these opportunities are limited compared to running your own eCommerce website. This can give you a hard time creating a unique brand identity that sets you apart from other Etsy shops. 
  • Customer service challenges. Dealing with customer service, including handling disputes and returns, can be more complex on a third-party platform like Etsy because policies often lean towards protecting the buyer. 

Key strategies to achieve success on Etsy  

Achieving success on Etsy depends on several key strategies that can help your shop stand out, increase its organic rank, and potentially drive more sales: 

  • Optimize for SEO. Use relevant keywords in your product titles, descriptions, and tags. This will improve visibility in Etsy search results. 
  • High-quality product images. Invest in clear, well-lit photos. Showcase your products attractively. These photos are crucial for capturing buyers’ attention. 
  • Engaging product descriptions. Write compelling, informative descriptions that highlight the uniqueness of your products. Include crucial details like size, materials, and care instructions.  
  • Utilize Etsy’s analytics. Regularly review your shop’s analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences. This helps guide your product and marketing decisions. 
  • Frequent shop updates. Regularly add new products or update existing listings to keep your shop fresh and engaging. 
  • Encourage reviews. Positive customer reviews can significantly boost your shop’s credibility and appeal. 
  • Category and subcategory accuracy. Ensure your products are correctly categorized to help them appear in relevant searches. 
  • Quality backlinks. Encourage backlinks to your Etsy shop from blogs and websites. This can improve your shop’s search engine ranking. You can do this by collaborating with bloggers. 
  • Active engagement. Respond promptly to customer inquiries and feedback. Active engagement can positively impact your shop’s visibility. 

If you’re setting up Etsy ads, here are insights on how they can improve your sales: 

  • Increased visibility. Sponsored products appear higher in search results. This immediately catches the attention of potential buyers. 
  • Targeted advertising. Etsy’s advertising tools allow you to target specific audiences. This makes your ads more effective. 
  • Control over budget. You can control how much you spend on sponsored products, allowing for flexibility and budget management. 
  • Performance tracking. Etsy provides tools to track the performance of your ads. They help you understand their effectiveness and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Budgeting tips for Etsy entrepreneurs 

Budgeting is crucial for your shop’s sustainability and profitability. Follow these budgeting tips for your store’s success: 

  • Incorporating fees into pricing. Factor in Etsy’s fees when setting product prices to ensure profitability. 
  • Managing operational costs. Consider the costs of materials, shipping, and time spent. A good pricing strategy covers these costs while remaining competitive. 
  • Regular financial review. Regularly review your shop’s financial performance. Assess what’s working in terms of sales and where costs can be optimized. 

Should you sell on Etsy? 

Deciding whether to sell on Etsy depends on various factors. If you’re a crafter or artisan with unique, handmade products, Etsy can be a lucrative platform because its customers are looking for those items. However, consider the competition, payment processing fees, and the effort required to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Assess your products, goals, and willingness to manage the challenges, and weigh the pros and cons to determine if Etsy aligns with your business objectives.  

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