How to show clients love during the holidays

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As humans, three of our basic emotional needs are to be heard, acknowledged, and appreciated. This need is readily apparent in every aspect of our life (personal and professional), and try as we might, sometimes we simply forget to say thank you.

With peace, goodwill, and love on our minds this time of year, here are some ideas on how you can show clients love during the holidays (or anytime!):

Send hand-written notes

Depending on the number of clients you have, this might be easily doable – or impossible unless you started in September. If it’s easily doable, use beautiful holiday letterpress cards now – something clients could even post on a bulletin board in their office.

If you needed to start this three months ago, choose only your top clients for handwritten notes, and send everyone else a lovely holiday card signed by you (and your team, if applicable).

Buy personalized gifts

Because selecting and sending personalized gifts can be expensive and time-consuming, I would only do this for your top clients – or those who you think will become top clients in the new year.

Surprise them with a small luxury

I don’t know anyone who would not appreciate a small (and therefore affordable) luxury like artisanal chocolates or monogrammed business card cases. Your clients will be delighted with the gesture!

Call them!

We have turned from a society of phone callers and letter writers into one of emailers, texters, and Snapchatters. In fact, I’d argue that in 2015, getting a phone call is just as exciting – and rare – as getting a hand-written note in the mail. Call your clients to thank them for being so great this year.

While you have their attention, ask them what you can do better next year. Their feedback can be invaluable to your business growth.

Make an introduction

Play business matchmaker, and introduce your clients to someone else in your network they should know, whether that person could be a potential client, business partner, vendor, or friend.

Host an event

Consider hosting a client appreciation event in January, post-holiday season. You could arrange for a private wine tasting at a winery, host a lunch at a hard-to-get-into local restaurant, or do something really offbeat, like karaoke or trivia night at a local bar.

Compile a list of things that will make their life easier

I recently read about a chef who includes a list of his favorite local restaurants with diners’ checks. I thought, Wow, that is really so cool of him! Think about the apps, services, and technology you use to make your life easier – and send it to your clients.

What are you doing this holiday season to show your clients how much you appreciate them?

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