Should you start a small business podcast?

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Because it’s getting harder by the day to stand out in a very crowded, noisy world, some small businesses are starting to podcast. The numbers are pretty convincing:

  • The number of podcast listeners has doubled since 2008.
  • One-third of all Americans 12 years or older have listened to at least one podcast in their lifetime.
  • 46 million people listen to podcasts monthly (Social Media Today).

But that still leaves us with the question: Should your small business podcast? To answer that, you need to ask yourself some additional questions:

Do you have something valuable to share?

The answer is likely yes, but it might take some thoughtful analysis of your business and expertise to arrive at that answer. So think about the questions people ask you about most frequently. Could you create a podcast around those topics?

This is a good place to point out that podcasts are not commercials or advertisements. Your podcast cannot focus on selling something, or I guarantee that you will have zero listeners.

Can you find a unique angle?

In order for your podcast to stand out, you need to cover your chosen topic in a unique way. This will require some research to see what else is out there. Who knows – you might find that no one else is doing what you want to do!

Will podcasting help you meet a marketing or business goal?

Never undertake a big new endeavor unless you have a good reason for it – especially when it involves time and/or money. Think about why you want to podcast. The reason can’t be because everyone else is doing it. A podcast has to somehow help you grow your small business.

Can you commit to it?

Podcasting is not a quick, easy, one-and-done thing. It takes time to set up and get started. You’ll have to buy some equipment. You’ll have to practice and mess up and re-record episodes.

So do you have the time, money, patience, and resources to commit to podcasting – and can you sustain a podcast over the long haul? Can you commit to building a community, promoting it on social media, brainstorming new topics, finding and arranging guests to appear, etc.?

If you feel super focused after answering those questions, you already know the answer to the “big” question. Time to start developing your podcast!

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