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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Just-Checking-In Emails

Monika Jansen
How to improve checking-in emails

As a small business owner who is responsible for everything from lead generation to bookkeeping to delivering finished products, I send out a lot of emails to prospective and current clients to check in on project status. You do, too? Well, guess what? We could be doing a MUCH better job.

At least, that’s what this Slideshare from HubSpot indicates. As they point out, a “checking in” email goes something like this:

Hey Monika,

How are you?

I was just checking in to see how things are going with the new website. Are you ready for me to start writing content for the landing pages yet? Let’s set up a call to discuss this afternoon – what time works for you?


Buddy the Dog

The problem with this email is that it is self-centered, provides ZERO value for the recipient, and shows very little regard for their challenges or issues. Here’s how to turn things around and vastly improve your just-checking-in emails:

1. Set up Google alerts for your prospects and clients

Each time you discuss a new project with a prospective or current client, immediately set up a Google alert for the client name, competitors’ names, and industry keywords. When you get an alert that includes relevant content, plug it into an email – a great way to deliver value and focus on the prospect.

2. Look up LinkedIn Groups that are specific to your prospects

Another way to deliver valuable information to your prospects is by looking up LinkedIn Groups they might be interested in joining. You can not only figure out quickly if they are active or valuable, but you can also find useful content your prospect might be interested in as well.

3. Track email opens

If your email client allows you to do so, track emails you send to prospects so you know when they open your email. Knowing this basic information will give you a good reason to follow up with them.

Your new just-checking-in email can now go something like this:

Hi Monika,

I just came across this fascinating article on how to improve website landing pages , which I think we can incorporate into your new website. According to the article, making these changes can turbocharge email capture by anywhere from 250-400 percent!

Shall we hop on the phone this afternoon for a quick 10 minute chat to discuss doing the same on your website?


Buddy the Dog

What else do you do to write better checking-in emails?


Photo by Joseph Gruenthal on Unsplash

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