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4 Secrets to Retail Marketing Emails That Get Results

How can you get better results from your retail marketing emails? Dig into the information you have about customers’ engagement with your business and use it to make your emails more relevant, says a recent study reported by MarketingProfs.

Nearly seven in 10 (69 percent) of retail marketers report using engagement data, such as email activity, social media usage and browsing behavior, to improve their email marketing campaigns. Here are some tactics that can help you do the same:

1. Get personal.

Personalization is a popular tactic in retail marketing emails. More than six in 10 (61 percent) retailers tap into customer data to personalize their email subject lines, while 42 percent personalize emails with the customer’s name. However, only about three in 10 personalize email body copy, email images or which products are featured in the email. Other areas where you can personalize emails include sending personalized offers, adjusting the frequency of campaigns and scheduling the timing of email delivery based on responses to past offers.

2. Tie emails to event triggers.

There are a variety of triggers you can use to send automated retail marketing emails. More than half (56 percent) of respondents say they use customer behavior triggers, including past purchases, Web browsing and email activity, as part of their email strategy. Life event triggers, such as birthdays and anniversaries, are used by 38 percent. Finally, two in 10 companies use “other” event triggers, such as sports scores or the weather. (For example, a clothing retailer could send emails with special offers for summer clothes during a spring heat wave.

3. Think mobile.

More emails are being read on mobile today, so it’s surprising that just 44 percent of retail marketers use responsive design, which ensures that emails display properly no matter what type of mobile device or computer the reader is using. Using responsive design is a change that can have big effects on your email marketing’s effectiveness. Slightly more than one-fourth (28 percent) of retailers are using geo-targeting tactics, which enable mobile email marketing by targeting recipients based on their proximity to a location. Finally, one-third use mobile optimization, such as a call to action that is easy to act on and links to a mobile-friendly landing page.

4. Get social.

Integrating your social media marketing with your retail marketing emails can improve the results of both. More than half of respondents to the survey say they include social sharing buttons in their emails, while 45 percent put content from social media in their emails. Conversely, 48 percent encourage social media followers to sign up for emails from their businesses. Less common: Just 34 percent use email calls-to-action to encourage their email subscribers to share email promotions on social media.

Clearly, there’s lots of room for improvement. By adopting these email marketing tactics, your retail business can move ahead of the pack.


Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash

Author information

Karen Axelton

Karen Axelton is Chief Content Officer of GrowBiz Media, a media company that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.