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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Its Own Email Domain

Laptop showing an email inbox

This article was originally published on October 6, 2014. It was updated on July 16, 2021.

Key Takeaways:

  • Business emails build professionalism, trust, and credibility. Customers will most likely open domain-based emails and see generic emails as spam.
  • Getting multiple business emails allow you to organize inquiries in buckets and work collaboratively with a team.
  • A business email is an affordable advertising opportunity as this allows you to communicate with customers directly and more frequently than through social media.


If you don’t already know, emails are an integral part of business operations. Small business owners would be glad to learn that 95% of consumers check their email every day and 61% of these consumers enjoy reading your promotional emails weekly. Doesn’t that just encourage you to keep sending out those marketing emails to your prospects and loyal customers? However, there is a stark contrast to which kind of emails consumers are willing to open. A whopping 75% of consumers believe that a company’s email address should match its domain name. This shows that when a business uses a generic email address to communicate to customers, there is close to a null chance that their emails will be tossed to the recycle bin or worse, will go straight to spam. The good news is that there is a clear-cut way to address that problem: get a professional email address that will match your business name.

Getting a business email address is one of the best investments you can make to grow your brand online. While some business owners feel that a free generic email address is enough to connect to their audience, the smarter ones know that a business email is more than just for mere customer communication. Find out how a business email address contributes to brand identity, professionalism, and security through the points below:

1.    Always appear up to date.

What would you feel if you learned that your independent contractor had a Hotmail email address? Vintage has its attractions but not with circa 90’s email addresses. If your contractor’s email address was from 1998, it shows just how out of date the contractor’s tools are and makes you doubt on how this person will get the job done according to the standards of this century.

Making sure you are riding the waves of the present times builds credibility and professionalism. You will never appear out-of-date if you partner your email address with your business name.

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2.    Inspires trust and professionalism.

Using an AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail address puts your credibility at risk when you email someone you don’t know yet, such as prospects or referrals. After all, anybody can set up one of those email addresses for free in 10 seconds. How would recipients know you’re really who you say you are?

People are now more aware of spam emails and phishing attacks. If consumers deem your email as unreliable, all your marketing communications will go to waste. Don’t give your business an automatic-straight-to-bin life story with a generic email address. You owe it your marketing team or yourself to get your campaigns read and utilized.

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3.    Look bigger than you really are.

When you use an AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail account to send business email, you look like a single individual rather than a business. But with a custom email address for your business, you can create email addresses for different “divisions,” such as b[email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] (No one has to know that you’re the only employee and the one answering all of those emails!)

Another advantage of having multiple domain-based email addresses is that distinct email accounts will help you organize separate areas of your business into buckets and provide opportunities for better collaboration with colleagues. 

Your [email protected] could be your email address for inquiries; while [email protected] could be for financial questions.

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4.    Get portable.

Suppose you decide to give up Hotmail and switch to Gmail (at least it’s more current, right?). You will have to change your email address and notify every one of your customers, vendors, and associates. Chances are many of them won’t get the notification, won’t pay attention, or won’t bother to update your information. When you have your own custom email, you can switch web hosts and keep your email the same.

Similarly, when one of your employers leave, you can pass on a corporate email to the next person handling the job. This would work with email addresses like [email protected] or [email protected] since they are not associated with any person but is still evidently from your company.

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Two women at a cafe smiling over a mobile phone and laptop

5.    Invest in an affordable advertising opportunity.

The best way to get your brand name out there is to use it whenever and wherever you can. If you already have domain name, might as well get a matching email address so that customers see your brand name every time they check their inboxes. Most domain name providers and hosting solutions offer a free or discounted business email for the first year. Additionally, the long-term payment plan is usually affordable and worth keeping as long as you have the domain name.

This is another reason why a business email trumps social media: you can get straight into your customer’s inbox as frequently as you want to. While you cannot control how much your customer checks your social media channels, you can control the cadence of how much you want to connect with your customer through a business email.

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Getting more than a business email

Acquiring a custom email address is simple; your web host can provide you one and show you how to administer it. At, your business email address package comes with organizational and collaborative tools like Calendars and Task applications, as well as cloud storage. It also offers you multiple email addresses so you can grow your business to unlimited heights. Get your brand out there professionally, efficiently, and securely with a professional business email address.