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8 Insider Tricks for Email Marketing

Did you know that for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25? Email is not only a great way to reach your audience, stay top of mind, and drive sales – but it works!

If you want to start enjoying an ROI of nearly 4,300%, rip a page from my book and use these insider tricks for email marketing:

1. Constantly build your list

Add a pop-up to the home page of your website, urging people to sign up for your newsletter (and let them know why they should). Make sure your CRM is linked to your email marketing platform so new customers are added automatically. Require an email address when running a contest, offering a coupon or discount, or providing free downloads.

2. Segment your lists

Your open rates will be awesome if you take the time to segment your lists based on interests, past purchasing behavior, gender, location, etc. Once you segment, you’ll be able to write more relevant emails for each audience.

3. A/B test subject lines

The best email subject lines are both fun and tell people what information they’ll find in the newsletter. Experiment with different selling points in the subject lines to see what works. The fastest way to this is with A/B testing, which is built into every email marketing platform.

4. Emphasize images

Because people love images, start emphasizing images over text in your emails. For example, you can include a large product image with a short blurb about why the product is so awesome/useful/relevant. You could also add the past month’s most Pinned image (on Pinterest) or most popular photo from Instagram.

5. Send a video

Whenever I include a video in my emails, they generate quite a bit of engagement. If you hesitate at the idea, let me reassure you that they don’t need to be slick productions. Just record on your phone or computer and be “you.” That’s all that matters!

6. Encourage sales

If you’re a service-based business, don’t forget to promote your services to encourage sales. While it’s great to share tips and tricks, blog posts, and other relative content, add a call-to-action that leads people to sales.

7. Track click-throughs

Open up the last 12 months’ worth of newsletters and take note of what people are clicking on. Keep focusing on those topics and offers, and consider jettisoning everything else.

8. Try a re-engagement campaign

This item is on my to-do list (hat tip to Nicole Krug at Social Light for this idea). Put together a quarterly mailing for subscribers who haven’t opened your newsletters in a while. As an incentive, offer a coupon code or discount towards their next purchase.

Do you have your own trick for email marketing? Share your ideas below!

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Author information

Monika Jansen

Monika Jansen

Monika Jansen is a freelance copywriter and editor who helps with companies of all shapes on sizes kick their content up to the next level. You can find her online at