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10 Beautiful Free Fonts

Tim Hamby
CooperHewitt font example by Chester Jenkins

Designers are always looking for cool free fonts. We are too! Here’s a few of our favorites- 10 beautiful fonts that you can download and use for free on your next design project! #FreeResourcesFriday

CooperHewitt font example by Chester Jenkins

Cooper Hewitt by Chester Jenkins


NEXA Rust font example

Nexa Rust at


Big John Slim Joe free font example

Big John Slim Joe by Ion Lucin on Behance


PIER free font example

Pier by Methieu Desjardins on Behance


Fabiolo free font example



HELVCHILDREN free font example

Helv Children by Matthias Guggisberg on Behance


Libre Caslon free font example

Libre Caslon by Rodrigo Fuenzalida and Pablo Impallari on Behance


Vigneta free font example



Uni Sans free font example

Uni-Sans by Fontfabric on Behance


Haken Round free font example

Haken Round by Alfredo Marco Pradil on Behance


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Tim Hamby

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