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5 Reasons to Consider Custom Website Development

Is custom website development the right option for your small business? There are many options when it comes to launching a business website — from doing it yourself or using pre-existing templates all the way up to a custom-built website. Each of these methods has its benefits, but choosing the best one for you can be tricky. Here's a closer look at five reasons you might be better off with custom website development.

  1. You want a website that's truly unique. For a local car wash, dry cleaner or other business whose website will serve mostly as an online “brochure” or ad, a basic website template may be all you need. But if visuals and branding are a big part of your business, custom website design can give you an edge. For example, do you plan to sell apparel, jewelry, housewares or other types of products that rely on visual appeal to attract shoppers? A custom-built website can showcase what's unique about your products and make you stand out from the competition.
  2. You need custom website functionality. You can find web design templates that can handle many common functions, but what if your business model requires something out of the ordinary that a template doesn't offer? Or, you might run into the opposite problem: The template you like has extra features that you don't really need (which can slow your site down). When you choose custom website development, your website’s functionality can be tailored to fit your needs — not the other way around.
  3. You have ambitious plans for your business’s growth. Do you have goals to expand your business far beyond its current state? If your business website is created using a template, it can sometimes be more difficult to scale it up and add new features later on. With a custom-built website, on the other hand, the existing site can easily be modified to add whatever features you want as your business grows.
  4. You've got a lot of online competition. When you choose custom website development, your website developers will work with you to understand your SEO goals. They can build SEO into your website from the get-go to help it rank higher in search engine results. Plus, when you use to build your custom website, you also get inclusion in local business listings to help you get found online. Your website won't just look great — it will also get noticed, and isn't that the whole point of having a website?
  5. You’re not a website design expert. If you're like most small business owners, you'd rather spend your time focusing on running and growing your business — not on deciding where to put a call-to-action button on your website. When you choose a custom-built website, you can rest assured that web design professionals are handling all of the heavy lifting. Yes, you will need to spend some time talking to the designers about your goals, needs and preferences. In the long run, however, that time spent up front will pay off: You’ll get a highly effective website that does exactly what you want it to.