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6 Easy Ways to Update Your Business Website

Let's face it: Humans have short attention spans. If you want your business website to get customers' and prospects' attention, you need to change it up every once in a while. Here are six easy ways to update your business website.

  1. Update your content. Remove or update old content that's become outdated and add new content on a regular basis. Not only is updated content more valuable for your visitors, but regularly refreshing content also helps your website rank higher in search results. Whenever you add new content, the search engine "spiders" crawl your site again.

  2. Update broken links. Since you're not navigating your website every day, you may not notice broken links — but your website visitors sure do. Make it a point to regularly check your site for broken links and fix them. Pay special attention to broken links in your calls to action or on your most-visited web pages.

  3. Update your keywords. Perhaps your product or service offerings have changed since the last time you updated your website. Perhaps the keywords used in your website content, tags and headers are no longer the best ones for driving traffic and converting customers. Use a keyword search tool to find the most relevant keywords for your business and add them to your site. For example, as local search has become more important, adding local place names as keywords can help you attract more customers. You can hire an SEO expert to handle this for you if you lack the time or expertise.

  4. Update your design. Design trends and websites are always changing, and what looked modern 18 months ago may look seriously outdated now. Bold typefaces, bright colors, minimalism and moving images are all hot website design trends to consider. Getting a custom-designed website is affordable and can make a huge difference in the results your website gets.

  5. Make it mobile friendly. The majority of website visits now take place on a mobile device, so if your website is still not mobile friendly, you're going to get left behind. Make sure that your site is easy to view and navigate on all types of mobile devices and that it loads quickly—a factor that's even more important on mobile than on desktop. Making your website mobile friendly is an easy update that can pay off big.

  6. Start selling stuff. Adding e-commerce capability to your website can really boost your sales. For example, if you own a retail store, selling some of your products online will help you expand to new markets outside your local area. Even a service business can benefit from e-commerce. For instance, a hair salon can sell haircare products, or a fitness studio can sell workout DVDs or exercise equipment. A web design company that specializes in ecommerce can help you set up your site for success.

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash