Ready to Grow: 6 Signs It's Time to Become Your Own Boss

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Key Takeaways

  • Employee frustration is evident from the 50 million Americans unhappy with their career paths.
  • Becoming your own boss is easier than ever with online marketing.
  • Starting your own small business could help you reach your full potential professionally and personally.

You may know the feeling. Over half of America’s full-time employees say they dislike their work. Another 16 percent are actively disengaged and disgruntled about the direction of their companies.

If you are one of over 50 million Americans dissatisfied with their career paths, there are options. Thanks to digital resources, starting your own business is easier than ever.

Going for it: Are you ready?

You know you want more – from your career and life. Here are six signs that you’re ready to be your own boss. 

1. Your dream just won’t go away.
It’s all you think about. Whether you are miserable or happy with your current job, starting your own business is always on your mind. Sometimes doubt may creep in: “I’m too old. It’s too risky. The market’s too tight. The competition’s stiff. What if I fail?” If your hesitation doesn’t cause that little voice to go away, it’s time to go for it. Some of the most successful businesses are started based on “gut instinct.”

2. You’re tired of climbing the corporate ladder.
The allure of corporate careers is not what it used to be and job dissatisfaction seems to be the reason. The average tenure worldwide for employees 25 and older is two years or less, and only a third aspire to management positions. Helping build someone else’s dream can be a grind. As great as the company perks (bonuses, benefits and more) may be, you know you can take the insights you’ve gained and apply them to your own business. 

3. You’re excited about what’s next.
You have a restless spirit. You sit in meetings and ponder how you will do things differently. You daydream about being in charge. You have the energy, the drive, the vision and the optimism – and you can’t wait much longer. The thought of another frustrating conference call or unnecessary one on one with your boss makes you cringe. Your desire to work for yourself has become all encompassing – and you’re ready to take the plunge.

4. You have a great credit score. 
You’ve been smart and responsible with your money and your credit score reflects that. Use this to your advantage by looking into a small business loan. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) works with lenders and can match you with the right small business loan to fund your new business dream. 

5. You’re not afraid to overcome challenges.
You thrive on obstacles in the workplace, don’t mind rolling up your sleeves to solve the latest puzzle and are talented at making something from nothing. Your bold outlook may serve you well in your current position, but you know it’s not enough. You’re ready for bigger challenges that will determine your success. You know that it may sometimes be difficult, but you’re ready to run your own show. 

6. You’re working on a side business.
It may be a way of earning extra money or something to get you out of the house at night. But things have changed. The part-time “side hustle” is becoming your focus. Maybe you enjoy it more than your 9 to 5 or perhaps it pays too well to abandon. Either way, you see a future in it and think it could be your full-time passion. 

We’re here to make it happen.

Starting your own business is easier than you think – and it begins with online marketing. You may be wondering why you need a website or have questions about the steps to make a website. 

From showing you how to make a new website to providing marketing ideas for small business, we’ve helped over 3 million small businesses like yours achieve online success.

You’re ready to be your own boss. Let’s make it happen. 


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