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86% of Websites Are at Risk. Is Yours?

How secure is your small business’s website? It may not be as safe from cyber crime as you think. Some 81 percent of small business owners in the Small Business Digital Trends report, which surveyed entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, believe their business websites are ”secure” or ”very secure.” However, a report from online security company Whitehat Security says 86 percent of all websites have at least one vulnerability. conducted the Small Business Digital Trends survey in partnership with Dr. David Ricketts, Innovation Fellow in the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard. Survey respondents say their top security concerns are having their business website crash and having customer data stolen or breached.

Small business owners in the survey are taking a variety of measures to help protect their business websites from cybercrime. For instance, they are using the latest virus protection software and regularly updating their passwords. However, that may not be enough to protect your business.

Many security breaches go undetected for months before the affected businesses discover them. Small business owners, who are less likely to have sophisticated cyber protections in place, and more likely to lack in-house IT expertise, are at even greater risk of cyber crime than big corporations. Many small business owners juggle multiple roles for their companies, including managing technology and digital security. With all the other things you have to do during any given day, are you really sure you’re keeping up to date on the protections your business website needs?

 In 2017, small business owners in the survey report that they plan to focus on cyber security. You may not be able to hire a full-time IT expert, but you can help protect your business by outsourcing your website hosting and maintenance to a trusted vendor. Look for a web hosting company with proper security measures in place. Then you’ll be able to feel confident that your website will be protected by updated software, bug fixes and security patches.

Check back later this week when I’ll share more results from the Small Business Digital Trends report.