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Are Your Customers Mobile Addicts?

Just how concerned do you need to be about mobile marketing and advertising for your small business? If your customers and prospects are “mobile addicts,” the answer is, “a lot.”

New data from Flurry explored mobile users’ habits and found that while the average mobile user launches apps 10 times per day, there’s a subcategory of consumers who launch mobile apps a whopping 60 times a day—six times more than the average.

Flurry divided mobile users into Regular Users, Super Users and Mobile Addicts, and reports that the Mobile Addict category is growing the fastest, posting 123% growth between 2013 and 2014. In March 2014, there were 176 million Mobile Addicts, an increase from 79 million in March 2013.

Some surprising stats about mobile addicts: They’re more likely to be female than male. Mobile Addicts were 52% female and 48% male; the percentages were reversed for average users. While this might sound like a small difference, it means that there are 15 million more female Mobile Addicts than male Mobile Addicts.

Also surprising: Mobile Addicts are more likely than you’d expect to be middle-aged. Teens (aged 13 to 17), college students (18 to 24) and Middle-aged (35 to 54) were the most likely groups to be Mobile Addicts; both 25-to-34-year-olds and seniors 55-plus under-indexed as Mobile Addicts.

Moms, women who like parenting and education, gamers and sports fans were the women most likely to be Mobile Addicts. For males, auto enthusiasts, men interested in parenting and education, gamers and catalogue shoppers were the most likely types to be Mobile Addicts.

What do these results mean for your mobile marketing?

  • If your target customer fits into one of the Mobile Addict segments, re-examine your mobile marketing strategy. Perhaps it’s time to up your game.
  • Provide content that your target customers want to see on mobile and/or advertise in mobile apps that they are likely to use, such as sports or gaming apps.
  • Keep in mind that some use of mobile devices may be cross-family. For instance, moms may be letting kids use their devices, contributing to the high usage of mobile apps. Keep in mind that your advertising and content may be viewed by people other than the mobile device owner—in other words, keep it family-friendly.


Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash