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Easy Solutions: Build Your Business Website in Less than 60 Minutes

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Key Takeaways

  • An impactful business website is memorable for current and potential customers.
  • It's easy to make an outstanding site with our DIY website builder.
  • The right website significantly enhances your online marketing presence. 

The majority of small business owners say they work at least 50 hours per week while an additional 25 percent put in 60-hour workweeks. Maybe that’s why half of all small businesses don’t have an online marketing plan – a critical element for the success of any business. 

In today’s competitive business world, you need to make every second count. That includes having an online marketing presence that effectively and affordably attracts more customers and generates greater revenue, all with a minimal investment of time and effort.

While you may think you don’t have the time or talent to create a website, what if you could create an impactful site for your business in less than an hour? Here’s how to make it happen. 

Seven Fast and Easy Steps for an Impactful Business Website

While there are many options for creating a website, not all web builders are created equal. With your limited time and focus, look for a website builder that is intuitive, guides you through every step of the process and makes it fast and easy to get your business up and running online. 

After helping over 3 million small businesses establish an online marketing presence, applied this knowledge and expertise to create a do-it-yourself (DIY) “drag and drop” website builder that makes it simple for small business owners to get online quickly and affordably. You can have your website online in 60 minutes or less in seven quick steps. Here’s how.

1. Select a Website Builder

Start by choosing a website builder plan that’s right for your needs and budget. With, there are three easy and affordable options available and all solutions come with: a drag-and-drop website builder, security features to protect your business, domain and hosting services, professional domain-based email services, eCommerce capabilities and ongoing assistance from the award-winning support team.

When signing up, you will select a domain name that represents your business and acts as your online address. Your domain name should be simple, short, unique and descriptive of your business. It’s a critical element of the web building process and will be the way customers think of and find your site. Once you select a domain name, will register it for you.

2. Choose a Template

Browse a template gallery featuring over 150 professional website layouts designed for every industry. As the foundation of your site, your industry template will help your customers quickly identify your business as the solution for their specific challenge. You can quickly and easily design your fully customizable template to reflect your brand and your unique business. You’ll find single- and multi-page website design templates that will help you meet your marketing goals.


3. Add Copy, Images and Your Logo

Once you select your template, you’ll go to a building page with an intuitive tutorial that guides you through every step of the website building process. Add a headline to your home page and write a brief description of the benefits of your business. Select photos from a gallery of over 200,000 professional high-resolution images that are ready for publishing, then add your logo to brand your site. 

Also, be sure to include your social media addresses and icons to make it easy for people to find you on these channels and to build a larger brand following. 


4. Adjust On-Page Elements

Quickly and easily add all of your content elements to your site with a drag and drop editor tool that highlights areas on the page for placement and allows you to arrange your design features like a pro – no experience necessary. Easy-to-use tools make it fast and easy to add text and graphics, then arrange them in your web page layout to create an informational and visually attractive site.

5. Publish But Don't Promote

Now that you have added your text, photos and logo, your site is ready to go live. Once you press the publish button, your business will officially have an online presence. But before you let others know about your site, take some time to review it section by section. Is everything organized the way you want it? Will your customers be able to quickly and easily navigate your content? Are your social media links active and working? 

Giving your site a thorough run-through will allow you to see your content from your customers’ perspective and give you the opportunity to make any necessary edits before promoting it.

6. Connect Your Website to the World

You’ve done it – you’ve just created your website, giving your business the same advantages as your largest competitors. Now tell the world about it by promoting your new site through your social media channels and email campaigns. Make it easy for customers to find you by optimizing your site with search engine optimization (SEO) content that helps your business rank higher in online search directories, and increase sales by adding an eCommerce feature to your site. The possibilities are virtually endless when you connect your website to the world at large.

7. Measure Your Success

One of the best parts of your website investment is that it is measurable in real time. Immediately after publishing your website, you can start collecting statistics about website visits, unique visitors and page views. As you learn what your customers respond to most, you can adjust your content to maximize engagement opportunities. Your website is the hub of your brand and your opportunity to connect with customers and track their behavior. Use this to your advantage and build an online marketing plan for success.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Building a website is only the beginning. To help you make the most of your online experience, the online marketing experts at are ready to guide you toward short- and long-term success. Let’s work together to create the marketing exposure and positive results your business deserves.

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